Gas phase silica in the role of the medical industry, medical treatment or without silicone material?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Gas phase silica is a modern important high-tech superfine inorganic new materials, has been widely applied in people's production, all aspects of life. In the medical field, the gas phase silica also has very important use value. Gas phase silica in the medical application of reflected mainly in what we see medical silica gel materials and supplies, most of the medical silica gel products will add gas phase silicon dioxide. See from our daily medical infusion silicone tube, drainage tube, oxygen masks to all kinds of human body such as intravenous cannula, catheter intubation, substitute for blood transfusion tube, etc and all kinds of artificial organs, can use silica materials. In medical beauty industry, breast prosthesis and various fillers also can use the silicone, so it has a very wide range of use. Silica gel in the medical industry application of silicone materials can be widely used in medical industry is inseparable from the gas phase silicon dioxide, if we compare organic silicon materials to the health care industry angel, then gas phase silica is the pair of wings of an angel. In our commonly used drugs, gas phase silica is also has its unique characteristics of medicine. The gas phase silica medical characteristics, high physical - 1 - Chemical stability is known as a drug absorption agent, must meet certain requirements, physiological - is the most important thing - Chemical stability, especially in the chemical stability of the intestinal tract of organic medium body. As the sorbent with the biological fluid ( Including the wound secretion, the digestive tract composition) Contact should be dissolved, and absorption. A large number of experimental results show that high silica dispersed gas phase to a lack of absorption in the digestive tract and wound for external use only, this may be due to its low PH value within the range of 2 ~ 8 solubility, may also be other mechanism to prevent the silicon dioxide through the intestinal wall, so a large number of taking and using, found no changes related to the silicon in the blood. So the gas phase silica physiological - high - Chemical stability, and fully meet the requirements of as a drug or drug carrier. 2, on the surface of the high water absorbing aerosols of average particle size of silica at about 15 nm, with regular has the special properties of nanomaterials, its surface exist a large number of hydroxyl groups and some atoms under unsaturated condition, make it easy to adsorption water points and charged sexual material, in different depth of plasma surface layer and a rubber coagulation, the thickness of the layer depends on the particle surface properties and adsorption material composition. Using gas phase silica, this feature can be used in clinical skin to produce desiccant, eliminate edema, reduce inflammatory secretions, water is fixed in the body can also be used for diarrhea patients. A phase 3, high-protein adsorption chi silica for protein adsorption by the surface activity of silica used point ( Hydroxyl, acceptable charge unsaturated silicon atoms and oxygen atoms) The effects of protein on the surface of silica adsorption can be used for more than a body charged with silica surface interaction model to explain. According to this model, the silica surface protein and the gas phase and static electricity affinity determines when near the protein isoelectric point has the maximum adsorption, and adsorption can be done in a relatively short period of time, the adsorption rate has nothing to do with the type of protein, is superior to the medical application of common other appropriate adsorbent. Human plasma with high dispersion is a special interaction between the gas phase silica. Gas phase silica and lipoprotein than the affinity between it and do not contain fat protein more affinity, and can be used as adsorbent adsorption fat enterohepatic circulation process of lipid ingredients ( Is mainly composed of protein, phosphine fat, bile and so on) 。 Using this feature, high silica dispersed gas phase can be used to alternate lipid lowering drugs, reduce the patients in the serum cholesterol levels. Highly dispersed gas phase silica of high protein adsorption can also be used to fix and remove bacteria toxin, pathogenic immune complex, necrotic tissue decomposition of harmful proteins, and other organisms. 4, with strong interaction of micro-organisms high dispersion of the gas phase silica and pathogenic bacteria such as e. coli, staphylococcus aureus, proteus strong interaction between, can be in a very short period of time to fix most microorganisms, and fixed quantity has nothing to do with the kinds of microorganism. First of all, the gas phase silica particle size ( 7-40nm) Than microorganisms ( 1-10um) Small, quickly phase silica is easily gathered, increase its adsorption ability, can make the microbial cell gathered into spherical aggregates, it is better than that of general medicinal adsorbent; Second microbial after contact with the gas phase silica to antibiotics ( Penicillin, streptomycin, etc. ) Become very sensitive, and can reduce the usage of antibiotics, it also explains why the gas phase silica clinical has the very good curative effect. Visible through the above analysis, due to the highly dispersed gas phase silica has the very high biological chemical stability and special surface adsorption, make it exists great potential applications in medicine. It not only can as a local topical agents used to treat inflammation of the wound, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, also can be used as the adsorbent for the treatment of pancreas, intestinal infection, pleurisy, cellulitis, damage liver inflammation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the treatment of obstetrics and gynaecology inflammation, can also be used for the treatment of patients with tumor and reduce the radiation and chemotherapy side effects. So, with the maturing of gas phase silica production technology, its application in the field of medical research also gradually thorough, the organic silicone products use will continue to increase and has huge market prospect.
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