Function and advantages and disadvantages of silicone rubber products of coumarone resin

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
To understand the role of coumarone resin of silicone rubber products must first understand what the ancient Malone, rubber what the author talk about coumarone resin, and how does it in silicone rubber products and the advantages and disadvantages. Ancient Malone is a copolymer of styrene acrylic furan and indene, a kind of coal tar is the most commonly used in plasticizers, is also a kind of tackifier. It is coal tar fraction within 160 ~ 200 degrees by concentrated sulfuric acid catalyst polymerization to obtain again after processing the product, because around the coal tar composition is different, so the origin of different coumarone resin composition also have certain difference. Coumarone resin is divided into two major categories of solid and liquid, solid or liquid has a plasticizer, tackifier ( Or adhesion promoter, adhesive) The role of the solid also can be used as a reinforcing agent) , have certain polluting liquid can also be as regenerant of reclaimed rubber. So the tip should be solid for the snowflakes coumarone resin. Recommended reading: the characteristics of the silicone rubber glue | silicon rubber adhesive industry application 'in silicone rubber, it has many advantages: 1, can significantly increase the viscosity of synthetic rubber, after reducing sulfide stripping phenomenon. 2, can dissolve the sulfur, decrease bloom, the phenomena of lower charred, appeared in the process of processing storage since the chances of sulfur. 3, good plasticizing effect and improve the quality of calender, semi-finished products of the surface, makes it easy to process. 4, with heavy oil or high aromatic oil, and can improve the abrasion resistance and tensile strength of styrene butadiene rubber. 5, increase the degree of carbon black dispersion in rubber. 6, good compatibility with rubber. 7, containing phenol, so can improve the aging resistance of rubber. 8, the higher the softening point of reinforcing the better, compression strength, tear strength, flexible are improved. 9, and other plasticizer and more advantageous for performance optimization of the rubber. Although coumarone resin has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages in the use of the time it is important to note: 1, the quality fluctuation is large, the best heating dehydration processing before use. 2, the promoter has certain inhibition, sulfur speed will be reduced. 3, brittleness temperature of the rubber will be improved. 4, some in rubber can reduce its heat resistance. 5, have certain polluting fluid. 6, dosage cannot too big, otherwise it will reduce the performance of the rubber, is less than 15. Relevant article recommended: the role of the y-shaped sealing ring | Y type sealing ring and the advantages and disadvantages of the various specifications of medical application of conductive rubber in the medical industry | medical thermal conductive silicone rubber together to talk about the advantages of silicone rubber have what advantage does the silicone foam article role
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