Fujian silicone products which made good

by:Keyuan     2020-09-15
Fujian silicone products customized which good? Which is fujian silicone products factory production of silicone products are of good quality, so how to identify the silicone products quality? 1, the quality of your goods, mainly processing there was a lack of plastic, rubber vulcanization, product soft or too fragile, internal bulge and external bulge surface factors. 2, the appearance of the product: the product surface is not affect the appearance, colour and lustre is bright enough, mixed color products appear, lead to bad appearance color, production and processing lead to bad appearance, black foreign matter affect the surface appearance of the product! 3, raw material quality problem: raw material affects the product's functionality and effect, different ways of using the environment and require using different rubber custom, rather than a piece of ordinary glue, such as the need to high strength, high transparent or anti-aging UV resistant factors and so on. 4, structured problem: mould processing precision is poor, mold the wrong as well as the product caused many bad can belong to the mould structure, so the processing mould is the core content of products, and mold material problem is the top priority! Identify the silicone products quality, you need to according to the silicone products manufacturer of above the cause of bad and a common problem for analysis of silicone products. Fujian silicone products customized which good? From the silica gel products production quality, production technology, production and service price were analyzed, and combining with their own needs to find suitable silicone products manufacturer.
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