From the silica gel products manufacturers to understand cleansing brush!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
We all know that along with the advance of age, a lot of friends to have improved living standards, to strengthen skin cleansing that we borrow the brush cleansing effect, from skin care tool change constantly updated, we can see from the original brush to sponge to nylon material and so on, and in order to make the skin more clean skin more healthy to human body, silica gel products cleansing brush gradually developed by us, and now the silicone wash a face to brush has become our new a face skin cleaning tools, once upon a time a few years began to rise to become a common daily supplements of our life, especially for a lady friend with infants and young children for they bring a lot of benefits, make the skin more exquisite and smooth. A lot of people are curious about facial cleaning brush with glue materials aren't spread skin have harm to the body? It wasn't for the friend that know the silicone brush cleansing the idea is a kind of wrong ideas, and silicone material in rubber and plastic industry is one of the most can be used to the life, and it also can be injected into the human body as a cosmetic and medical effect of a kind of material. With silica gel products widely used now in daily necessities, kitchen utensils and appliances, and so on of action, the silicone skin cleaning brush is one of them, gets gradually the favour of young women with infants and young children in recent years. Cleansing brush of silicone rubber products production process there may be a lot of friends is not very understanding, because it is a product of a long-term contact with human body skin, so manufacturers are generally USES the food grade silica gel commodity solid silicone raw materials production, due to the long-term contact with water cleansing brush so you can see from the silica gel products material toughness and anti-aging rate can choose better raw materials, from the molding process of vulcanizing temperature has quickly reached 200 degrees or so, so also is absolutely no problem for high and low temperature resistance, cleansing brush material is soft in the production process is commonly used raw materials mixing, about 30 degrees in add color to make the market consumers like, because of the products must have a neat facial brush, so the silicone products to mold the pinhole above also have high requirements, after molding, products processing and packing details, we will bring you details! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( Article/congguijiaozhipincha_1. html)
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