Foshan what medical silica gel products, as well as silica gel in the medical application

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Foshan medical silica gel products, as well as silica gel in the medical application of silica gel of more and more widely used in medical field, the authors take you know today, foshan some medical silica gel manufacturer production which silicone products, as well as the application of silica gel inside the industry. With the development of science and technology now, silicone products also has been widely used in medicine, the current domestic hospital countless large and small, we don't say small clinic in many hospitals, said more than township hospitals nearly had fairly good basic every silicone medical products! We use in medical silica gel is what? Under the us human organs, in the early 1980 s, foreign researchers developed artificial organs. Medical silicone tube, and artificial organs are mainly concentrated kinds: mechanical artificial organs, biological artificial organs. Such as medical silicone tube, raw materials are his raw material polyester, ptfe, pu, and natural mulberry silk, ptfe, pu same two is the production of silicone polymer chemicals raw material, there are also some silicone breast implants or cosmetic is made of silicone raw materials. They nearly began in the early 1960 s breast implants for so many years of development, technology and development to change a lot of silica gel and science and technology, foshan application in the field of medical silicone rubber silicone rubber products play an important role in modern medicine, especially the development and construction of medical apparatus and instruments, and medical grade silicone products can be seen everywhere. In recent years, cooperation, jointly by hospital, scientific research units and factories successfully trial-produced a variety of silicone rubber medical supplies such as medical silicone tube. In numerous synthetic rubber, medical silicone tube is the largest category, mainly in the field of health care for the production and application of medical grade silicone products. It is tasteless non-toxic, does not fear the heat and the characteristics of the protection against the bitter cold, at minus ninety degrees Celsius, three hundred degrees Celsius and 'poised', 'natural', still do not lose the original strength and elasticity. Silicone rubber has good electrical insulation, oxygen aging resistance, that the light aging resistance and mildew resistance, chemical stability, etc. Medical silicone tube: 1, the silicone rubber prevent noise earbuds: wear comfortable, can very good block noise, protect the eardrum. 2, medical silicone tube fetal head attractor, easy operation, use safety, according to the deformation of fetal head size, attract the fetal scalp don't get sucked up, can avoid the scalp hematoma and intracranial lesions and other ills, can greatly reduce the pain during childbirth pregnant women in childbirth. 3, silicone rubber artificial blood vessels, has special physiological function, can achieve 'intimacy' with the human body, the person's body also does not reject it, after a certain time, will be combined with human tissue completely stability is extremely good. 4, silicone rubber tympanic membrane repair piece: the thin and soft, smooth finish and tenacity are good. Is an ideal material to repair the eardrum, and easy to operate, have a good effect. 5, in addition to medical silicone tube, artificial lung, artificial bone, silicone rubber, duodenal tube and so on, the effect is very ideal. Company adopts advanced ERP management system, and in accordance with the relevant institutions, laboratories, professional testing company and well-known listed companies have good relations of cooperation, set up its own quality inspection system. Foshan rubber in line with the best products, make customer trust, welcome customers to come to inquiry, customize various medical silica gel.
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