Forward-looking industry development, silicone products development trend towards the next few years!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Silica gel products since last month after the production, price and shortage recently seems calm, organic silicon industry at home and abroad demand for supporting the steady development of organic silicon products import and export, learned from the industry at present, the organic silicone products ChanZhiLv top, compared with the usual difference is that the silicone products overseas demand rapid growth this year, the Middle East, Europe and America, southeast Asia orders continue to flow to our country, mainly on the one hand, because as a result of economic recovery. The other organic silicon in the upstream enterprise new capacity constantly put on the stack, frequent stoppages overseas old and new equipment, one of the most common overseas Wallace figure and big companies such as dow corning equipment affects the overall utilization of the industry, in 2017 China's organic silicon accumulated exports more than 21. 40000 tons, rose 53. 6%, exports increase dosage of crowding out domestic organic silicon. Organic silicon in 2017 exports accounted for about 22% of domestic production, and in 2016 accounted for only 16%. At the same time because of its self-sufficiency rate of organic silicon, imports growth, 2018 - in the country No new capacity in the first half of 2019 cases, the net export expansion is expected to stretch downstream of organic silicone industry boom last time. The silicone market expansion, stable future growth can be seen from the trend of recent years, silica gel products gradually towards the traditional trend, more and more consumers are willing to choose the reason of organic silicon rubber products or is that it is an alternative, for rubber, plastic and more material is silicone rubber material can be used to take to, and the cost and quality can be in the range of accepting, in 2017, according to understand, of organic silicon monomer consumption in China is about 1. 06 million tons more than 16 years grew by 19%, increased by 46% than 15 years, and 2011 - During 2016, apparent consumption average annual growth rate is only 18%. As overseas capacity continued to shrink, our country construction, electronics and textile industry development, such as silicone products in China consumption growth will be much higher than the global average for a long time. Predicts 2020, demand growth to 1. 2 million tons, 2016 - Organic silicon monomer during 2020 annual demand growth for 7. 6%; To 2025, the domestic organic silicon monomer ( Fold the polysiloxane) Demand will reach 1. 6 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 6 demand for five years. 0%. Why the future development trend of organic silicon industry of our country gradually rise, in recent years, along with the abroad continued to reduce capacity, China's growth for developing countries, from construction to electronic and industrial machinery and other industries develop continuously, the downstream silicone manufacturers continue to increase, the user usage continues to grow to at home and abroad, in addition silicone rubber has unique advantages and using scope for general use!
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