Foreign media: global value the development of organic silicone industry in China

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Fast growth in recent years, domestic organic silicon, silica gel products industry developed and prosperity, the domestic silicone belt got a lot of famous foreign companies, and agree: bullish on China's organic silicon industry market in foreign has an estimate of potential development, and with the economic level of people's lives, both in Europe and America and the Middle East countries, articles for daily use, industrial, medical and auto services is known among major industry, the wide application of organic silicon and inorganic silicon also exploit zhang the needs of the entire Chinese market and the foreign silicone, organic silicon and inorganic silicon get more extensive use. Learned some world top from foreign media interview of many companies and economic developed countries for the silicone industry in China to pay attention to, the German wacker international group said 'is expected in the next few years, to enhance the quality of life, and the efficiency of industrial and upgrade are associated with the silicone industry, and the rise of the silicone industry of China now is, when the Chinese market in the future will be one step ahead of time of ascension, for silica gel belt will be driving the development of the global economy' for this as a member of silica gel products manufacturers industry is proud of our domestic silicone products industry under the global attention for driving the development of the silicone industry, the leading domestic silicone industry towards the pace! From across the country one can clearly see the silicone rubber and plastic industry the organic silicon is widely used in the industry has nearly can be widely used in various markets, so in the future of China under the background of the silicone industry development can also be sure to see the development trend of silicone industry in the future, for now the only under the national development of organic silicon is lack of innovation ability, innovation is important for industry development for industries, so a lot of backward production capacity continues to increase until now, in the domestic numerous large and small silica gel products manufacturers, because as far as possible, promote positive innovation capability, so the rise of domestic silicone industry to indulge in the future! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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