Food-grade silicone tea bags

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Mermaid world yo be seen not only in the deep sea, following the development of the science and technology level, now launched a strong design fashion high-grade mermaid type silicone tea bags, a small type of cartoon characters and vivid, silicone rubber, non-toxic, harmless, no smell, environmental protection and health, in line with international food standards. Various color can be according to the needs of customers, allocate different beautiful colors; Silicone raw materials chemical performance is stable, making the products, have a longer life expectancy than other products, rinse off with clear water after use; High and low temperature - resistance 40 ℃ to + 230 ℃. Food-grade silicone tea bag use method is simple: simply put in want to drink juice or tea, taken together, simple and convenient operation, non-toxic, no smell, safety and health will not have any effect on tea. Tender of tea bags two hands on the glass, the position is really too enjoy, just like bubble hot spring, very nice!
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