Food-grade silicone products and environmental protection rubber material is that better?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
In colloid materials, silicone products and thermoplastic products have is similar place, and silicone material and rubber material, they also can be said to be the diamond cut diamond, of and widely used in all walks of life and life, choose silicone products materials because of its environmental features, is expected to choose rubber and plastic materials, but because it's practical convenience, the silica gel materials and what are the differences between PP and TPR distinction? Speaking of rubber and plastic materials, TPE and PP are the raw materials of manufacturing plastic products, their use and basic same, but a lot of material purchaser may not quite understand the safety of the TPE or PP material? Material purchasing directly affects the quality of the finished product quality and cost issues, with the improvement of living standard, most consumers to purchase plastic products will consider environmental protection and health problems, so whether the silicone products or PP and TPR, they all have certain environmental safety performance. 1, silica gel products silicone products is currently recognized environmental protection rubber and plastic materials, it is widely used in life we use, raw materials can be divided into the main living with high molecular weight poly (methyl vinyl siloxane rubber, mixed with reinforcing filler, vulcanization agent, color plastic additives such as high temperature forming, including methyl silicone rubber, methyl vinyl silicone rubber, methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber, fluorine silicone rubber products and so on. It mainly USES the high temperature molding silicone products manufacturer, the material toughness degree is strong, and rebound strength is high, can be arbitrary winding deformation for a long time, because the silicone material has highly active silicon molecules with TPE elastomer and the PP material compared to its more activity, long service life can be used in a variety of environmental conditions, high and low temperature resistant performance is good. 2, TPETPE full name is ThermoplasticElastomer, is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer material. Thermoplastic means that can be recycled to use again, injection molding processing. TPE products have excellent color, environmental protection, low basic non-toxic, can be the second injection molding, and PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, such as matrix materials coated adhesive, also can separate molding. TPE heat resistance than silicone rubber products, property decreased with temperature rise is larger, and the applicable scope is limited. At the same time, the compression deformation, elastic recovery, poor durability compared equivalent rubber, prices are often higher than the similar rubber and plastic materials. Hardness range, preferably transparency, shine, and good touch feeling, is widely used in adult things. Haveing good uv radiation, weather resistance, high temperature resistant, used for outdoor for a long time. Many thermoplastic elastomer (TPE is TPEE、TPA传真照片,冠捷,TPU) The compound! TPE safe non-toxic characteristics, environmental protection in accordance with the environmental protection standard of European and American countries. Processing method is widespread, such as injection molding, extrusion, injection, blow molding processing technology, quality of a material is comfortable, convenient surface, wide hardness range ( 0 - 100) No, it can be used repeatedly, production process! The TPE raw materials also accord with the FDA certification and LFGB standard, test report including ROHS, and EN713, REACH, PAHS, medical level certification, widely used in adult supplies, baby supplies, diving equipment, sports equipment and tools to handle, castor, massage insoles, ice boxes, dolls, toys, luggage accessories, electric cable, car accessories, stationery, environmental protection membrane, elastic tube, seals and other plastic products. 3, PP polypropylene material is polypropylene, a kind of plastic, it is a kind of high density, high side chain, linear polymer crystallization, excellent comprehensive performance. Mainly use household jugs, bucket, beverage bottles, plastic bags, snack box! What features, PP material polypropylene as non-toxic, odourless, tasteless ivory high crystallization of polymer, density is only 0. 90 - - '0. 91 g/cm3, which is one of the lightest of all plastic varieties. The chemical stability of polypropylene is very good. Polypropylene chemical reagents in addition to erosion by concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid, is relatively stable. But the low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbon can soften and expansion of polypropylene. At the same time, the chemical stability of the polypropylene increases with the increase of the crystallinity, so the polypropylene is appropriate. Chemical pipe and fittings, making the anti-corrosion effect is good. Silica gel, TPE, or PP material which is more safe? From an environmental point of view, polypropylene material non-toxic environmental protection, but the silicone materials with TPE comply with food grade standard, so the TPE safer than PP material, the silica gel products general grade, if choose medical silica gel material so it can achieve a higher safety and environmental protection certification testing, so the silicone rubber products are safer than TPE and PP materials, from the perspective of the trend of the future, silicone rubber products and TPE, PP plastic products widely used trend of rubber and plastic industry, I all have different advantage and selling point, so follow-up material and technology will be more and more progress.
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