Food grade silica gel is safe?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Food grade silica gel, just as its name implies is to can and the direct contact with the food, or European LFGB standard approved by FDA, meet safety. The pacifier that require very high product is food grade silica gel, so also can compare this product is non-toxic. As itself is doing the silicone factory + foreign trade company, our company, quality is the strict control, test and certification test line in Hong Kong only do. Now home is generally not familiar with silica gel, and the quality control is lax, that do a lot of people have a lot of doubt. And many products also exists. Have the key to so I think the problem is not toxic, but is not true. Of course, some products are suitable for the use of the environment. For example, foreigners like to use silicone spatula, in domestic has been not reaction. In fact as long as it is the same brand, manufacturer is the same. Only foreign multi-purpose electronic furnace, also do not need to use the fire POTS cooking. So under the influence of different environmental and other props, silica gel is too soft to fry the move is also possible. See many other answers for the certificate of words, estimate the annual personnel don't understand or know the inspection certificate. In general, in addition to the soft silicone itself, resistance to fall off, high temperature resistant low temperature to - 240 degrees 40 degrees, can the dishwasher, microwave peace with ceramic material such as stainless steel on food contact safety not too big difference. Product use for a long time is bad, bad can't use the standard is the same. As for poison not poison, and pottery and porcelain, stainless steel material process does not pass, like poison.
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