Food grade foam silicone performance requirements

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Foam silicone in some occasions will contact with the food, so performance reach the level of food-grade foaming silica gel. The food grade foaming silica gel for what are the specific performance, then a look below: 1. Good resilience; 2. Low compression permanent deformation; 3. Production of foamed silicone should not pollute the environment; 4. No smell, stimulating smell; 5. Smooth surface evenly; 6. Satisfy the relevant food grade detection ( Can contact with the food) 。 The bore food-grade foaming silica gel can be open or closed, in addition to good foaming silicone should have: high and low temperature resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ozone resistance, electrical insulation, etc. Afraid because be food-grade silicone, so choose material is should avoid adding chemical foaming agent; These common foaming silica gel in the process of hot vulcanization, decomposition of foaming agent produces toxic by-products. Choose food grade foam silicone can improve the physical properties of the finished product and reduce the production cost, when the lower bounding die pressure, has the ideal shape: low density and quality, and stronger temperature adaptability, In - Under 60 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ can keep stable performance for a long time, also can be used in more than 400 ℃ short term. ) Recommended products: foaming silicone products have seen, this article also read: what are major characteristics description of foam silicone foam silicone and parameters
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