Food grade environmental protection silicone chopsticks

by:Keyuan     2020-08-27
Product characteristics: silicone chopsticks 1) Using 100% food grade ( Imports) The silicone material, non-toxic tasteless, light easy to carry. ( 2) Environmental protection, non-toxic, no smell, kids can be at ease use. ( 3) High quality, fashion, classic, health, strong light, smooth lines, elegant appearance modelling chic, resistance to knock against, all sorts of color, size, style, can be OEM/ODM. ( 4) High temperature resistant, Low temperature) Features, - 40℃~230℃。 ( 5) Product conforms to the FDA, the LFGB/SGS and other international safety certification standards, through the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. ( 6) Can do the specialist dedicated chopsticks. Silicone chopsticks product use: the habit of calibration can take chopsticks, doll's head can be pulled open, no matter how you hold chopsticks, feel very comfortable. Especially suitable for hotels, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, canteens and family use.
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