Foaming silica gel plate and rubber insulation board have what distinction, have their own advantages

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Want to know what is the difference between foam silicone plate and rubber insulation board and what their respective advantages, we must have a thorough understanding of these two kinds of material characteristics, to understand their differences and advantages, silica gel products factory give you answer slowly. What is the silicone foam board silicone foam board should introduce the foreign foaming technology, foam evenly, density of 0. 0 25%. 85 g/cm3, shore hardness 8? 30A。 Environmental protection, non-toxic, odourless, has good elasticity, no bubbles, surface porosity. 1 what is the distinguishing feature of silicone foam board and advantage. This product has excellent resistance to high temperature air aging, ozone resistance, insulation, the performance of the fuel oil and lubricating oil, can work in air or oil medium - 60 ℃ and 250 ℃. 2. Sealing ability, can effectively prevent the small particles and the rain. 3. Seal, dust, vibration isolation, fire prevention, moistureproof, airtight awning, 4. Electronic devices and the inside of the vehicle vibration isolation 5. Suitable for punching a variety of sealing gasket, sealing gasket, demanding. What is rubber insulation board rubber insulation board material is a kind of soft, resistance to bending, cold resistant, heat resistant, flame retardant, waterproof, low thermal conductivity, good shock absorption, sound absorption performance of elastic obturator elastic material, can be widely used central air conditioning, construction, chemical, textile, metallurgical and other industries. Communication industry, vehicles, electrical appliances and parts of all kinds of cold and hot medium pipe, container, and can decrease the effect of cold and heat loss. The product structure is simple, clean and beautiful appearance, do not contain fiber dust, harmful material such as will not mildew, is across the century a new generation of high quality thermal insulation material. What are the advantages and characteristics of rubber and plastic rubber insulation board insulation board insulation polystyrene as the main raw material of rubber - Plastic insulation materials research is more wide, but is mostly in the field of sheet metal, such as polystyrene board, wire rack, composite wallboard, metal composite sandwich plate, etc. Polystyrene board - although used as rubber Plastic insulation materials, rubber insulation board insulation advantages with good heat insulation effect, but because of the characteristic of the plate, polystyrene board mainly fixed on the structure of main body, the surface of the fixed as auxiliary materials, to make the necessary concatenation between plates and adhesive, the present invention is not applicable to complicated shape of the complex building insulation, construction technology is complex, comprehensive cost is high. Does not apply to traditional hydrophilic material, therefore, in addition to the surface of the follow-up to guarantee the construction quality of surface mortar crack, fall off, the quality problems easy to occur, such as a pump building exterior wall decoration such as brick, the use of coating or structure constitutes the great limit. Alien pulp and plastic heat preservation material can overcome these defects plate and is an important part of building heat insulation materials. Rubber insulation board material with low thermal conductivity, good security, good durability, etc
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