Foamed silicone products manufacturer to take you to know the process and categories of foamed silicone

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Foamed silicone principle is foaming agent is added in the silicone raw materials, through high temperature vulcanization releasing fertilizer decomposition gas, finally formed in silica gel internal diffusion sponge cavernous silicone products; Foamed silicone possess excellent buffering characteristics, good insulation insulation springback absorption, waterproof shockproof density is small, lightweight chemical performance is stable. The foaming process of foamed silicone products and types of foam do you really know? Here is to bring us foamed silicone rubber technology and species introduction, if there is need to customize foam silicone products, welcome to ask us at any time! Foam process foaming silicone common production process including moulding and extrusion process, die usually suitable for foaming miscellaneous pieces of silicone products, customized, and extrusion process is often used in machining foam, foam tube products; Is important to note that in the silicone raw materials mixing, after adding foaming agent need to place two hours time, through the quiet place can effectively spread fertilizer evenly, can effectively enhance the stability of vulcanization molding of foamed silicone products. Foam type of foam type is divided into opening foaming and closed-cell foam, hole foam is refers to the internal microporous foamed silicone is connected to each other, and closed-cell foam is aperture is closed partition, foaming silicone products is a kind of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, hair can be done about three times the size of the original volume, surface can do smooth processing. We common types of foam products have foam tubes, foam, foam board, miscellaneous pieces of foam and foam etc. , due to the foaming silicone excellent performance, widely used in automotive electronics, household appliances kitchen utensils and appliances, fitness equipment, cable sheath, etc.
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