Foam silicone products that something

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
For most people, the silica gel is a very common material in life, but foamed silicone believe everyone is heard for the first time, foaming silicone actually is an alternative to traditional PU foam cushion, sound insulation and heat preservation new materials, because of its shape like a sponge, so called foaming silica gel; Foam silicone products is a kind of green environmental protection material, and can effectively resist the sun's ultraviolet radiation, with its strong compressive ability let its application range is very wide; Foam rubber for everyone here to popularize the characteristics and types of silicone products. Foam silicone products is a kind of gas phase glue as raw material, by adding the foaming agent in proportion to the heating vulcanization, common colors are white, black, blue, gray or brownish red, the silica gel evenly within a large number of three-dimensional cellular bubble pore structure, through to the silicone into a powerful soft elastic material; Foaming silicone can not only play a seal fixed, dust, moisture, shock absorption, noise reduction and heat resistance to high voltage, insulation aging etc, but also can have excellent resilience and stability of acid and alkaline, its density range can be 0. 25 ~ 0. 8 g/cm3, at room temperature silicone foaming rate can do 2 ~ 6 times, hardness range between 10 ~ 30 °, can afford to - 60 ~ 380 ℃ high temperature, common silicone foaming process has extrusion and mould pressing and forming process, depending on the foaming process is divided into extrusion foaming tube, moulded foam board, foam forming parts; Foamed silicone because of its resistance to acid and alkali chemical stability performance, have high adsorption and mechanical strength is widely used in automotive electronics, aerospace, printing equipment, medical equipment, kitchen appliances, industrial machinery and other industries. Above is to bring about foam silicone rubber products that something, the hope in custom silicone, so help to you; Foshan rubber manufacturer quality more secure, ten years the company has experienced foaming silicone custom engineer, can according to customer demand customize various specifications, our customers effectively solve the problem of foaming custom silicone products, if you have related questions about foaming silicone products, can at any time to consult.
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