Foam silicone performance explanation

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Foam silicone is one of the most common in the silicone products product categories. The foaming silica gel due to its stable chemical properties, adsorption performance is high, has high mechanical strength, good thermal stability is widely used in automobiles, aerospace, computers, machinery and electronics industry, fax machines, printers in high temperature parts; Auto machinery in the body, the kitchen appliances, household appliances, and other equipment. 1. The product has excellent thermal air aging resistance, ozone resistance, insulation, and resistance to fuel oil and lubricating oil, can be in the temperature - 60 ~ + 250 ℃ under the condition of air or oil medium. 2. Strong ability of sealing, can effectively prevent tiny particles and totally cozy. 3. Seal, dust-proof, moisture-proof, airtight and shading, vibration isolation, fire 4. Use in electronic equipment and vehicle vibration isolation within the 5. To strike with strict sealing washer, plate (6). When be affected with damp be affected with damp or under the influence of water temperature, small changes, even if the short circuit of silica is still burned insulators, this will ensure that electrical equipment continue to work, so the most appropriate production of wire, cable and wiring. Main USES: applicable to pyrograph printing equipment, mechanical seal, medical equipment and other industries. Can solve some of national defense, civilian industry equipment on various aspects support needs. Apply to electronic, mechanical seals, and other industries, can be pressing, shock absorption, and can be use for a long time is not easy to crack, can according to customer's different requirements of die cutting into any shape sheet, can be prepared. Foam rubber sealing strip is widely used in automotive, aerospace, computers, machinery and electronics industry, filter equipment, dust collector equipment, cement plate, mining equipment, door seal, fax machines, printers in high temperature parts; Auto machinery in the body, the kitchen appliances, household appliances, and other equipment. 1. Environmental security, good insulation, high temperature resistant, compression deformation is small, strong resilience; 2. Smooth and uniform foam density; 3. Acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, non-toxic; 4. Good surface viscosity, permeability is good; 5. Using 100% high quality silica gel raw material, and through strict inspection, accord with environmental protection requirement. 6. Can back tape adhesive, sealing better, high temperature resistant adhesive used for a long time don't fall off. Black rubber foam sealing strip ozone resistance - — Epdm is known as' the crack rubber, ozone resistance performance is good in general rubber. Good thermal stability. Excellent aging resistance - — Under the 130 ℃ can be use for a long time, under the temperature of 150 ℃ or higher can interval or short-term use. Foam rubber sealing strip weather - — Refers to the natural environment of light, heat, cold, wind, rain, comprehensive factors of aging ozone, oxygen in the atmosphere. Chemical resistance: due to the chemical stability of the foam rubber sealing strip itself and nonpolar, so do not react with most chemicals, not miscibility between polar material or intermiscibility is small, its resistance to alcohol, acid ( Formic acid, acetic acid) Strong alkali, oxidant, Such as H202, HCLO, etc. ) , detergents, animal and plant oil, ketone, some fat, hydrazine. 3. Excellent water resistance, resistance to heat and water vapor resistance: water is strongly polar substances, epdm belongs to a kind of high polymer alkanes hydrazine, with 'hydrophobic'. Chemistry between them is not easy to produce, so has the outstanding resistance to water and water vapor resistance, resistant to overheating.
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