Foam silicone is introduced

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Foaming silica gel is a kind of double row components heating vulcanization silicone rubber, white or purple oily liquid, sulfide become soft dao after a soft elastic material, foam volume 3 - is the original 4 to accompany. Can be made, such as the human body, insoles, shoulder pads, patch, mat rubber products. Foaming silica gel consists of two parts: part A is silica gel, part B is curing agent; Two according to 1:1 proportion mixing ratio. The use of method is: 1. Fully mixing raw materials, respectively, before use to avoid uneven distribution of part of the raw materials due to storage. 2. According to certain proportion mixed curing agent and the raw material, mixing 2 - 3 minutes, ensure material mixing. 3. After mixing product vacuum and use as soon as possible, avoid because of solidification phenomena affect the normal operation of production. 4. It is recommended to use ratio of curing agent: raw material = 1:100, curing temperature: 120 ℃, the curing time: 13 ~ 20 min. 5. Every contact with silicone articles such as instruments, the container must be clean and avoid with phosphorus ( P) , nitrogen ( N) , sulfur, S) Compounds and metal organic contact
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