fluoropolymer hoses: silicone covered.

by:Keyuan     2020-05-27
High purity extruded silicone cover for smooth and complex Chemfluor [design]R]
Stainless steel woven hose assembly with fluorine polymer lining.
The specially designed curling ring provides positive pressure sealing and accessory holding while sealing the external silicone cover --step operation.
The lid of the accessory ring/belt or \"loose\" cannot be hung on the device.
The collar design allows full pressure ratings of the hose limit. The ultra-
Smooth lid provided Non
The porous material is easy to clean the outside, while protecting operators from potential woven wear and \"burning\" potential when transporting hot fluids. Saint-
GE ban Performance Plastic 460, 08807 Bridgewater Road, Bridgewater, New Jersey.
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