florida woman admits to killing popular drag queen after injecting illegal silicone into her buttocks

by:Keyuan     2020-07-08
A Florida woman has admitted to the death of a popular drag after an illegal silicone injection.
Deanna Roberts, 47, lied that she was a licensed medical professional who injected liquid silica gel into at least four victims in 2014.
Authorities say one of her customers, 45, Lateasha Shuntel from Atlanta, Georgia, was found dead at home two days after receiving multiple shots from Roberts.
Roberts admitted that she injected her with liquid silica gel, causing one person to die, and that she also injected liquid silica gel into many other people, which put their lives at considerable risk, s. Attorney General John Horn said in a statement from the US Department of Justice.
According to the Q project, former friends said Roberts was also transgender, who plundered LGBT people across Florida and Georgia.
Roberts, who was arrested last year, bought at least 178 gallons of liquid silica gel between April 2004 and December 2015.
Justin Green said: \"liquid silicone injected into individuals can cause serious physical injury and death. The FDA has not approved any such tissue enhancement products . \" The special agent in charge of the FDA\'s criminal investigation office Miami field office said in a statement.
Liquid submitted an affidavit vowing that she would not put silicone on the human injection body.
She reportedly told officials that she would use the substance to lubricate medical equipment.
However, on November 16, 2015, she injected Shuntel 10 times, including her hips and hips, and then she shared a post on Facebook called Roberts and thanked her.
What we do makes you (sic)loving us.
I don\'t think my a ** will ever stop hurting, but I have no doubt that you are the best in the industry.
\"Thank you for filling me up completely,\" writes Shuntel . \".
The next day, 45-year-old Shunte began to complain about her chest tightness and shortness of breath.
Both symptoms are consistent with the liquid silicone in her lungs.
On November 18, she was found dead at her home in 2700 block of Addison Drive, Chamblee, near Atlanta, Georgia.
Her autopsy revealed that her cause of death was \"silicone polymer embolism\" and traces of silicone were found in her lungs, liver, kidney, heart, brain and spleen.
The coroner said that during the injection, Roberts must have accidentally punctured a blood vessel that delivered silicone to her lungs and other organs through Shuntel\'s blood.
Horne said that the public should be alert to those who use substances such as silicone in a way that is not approved by the FDA, or those who are not properly trained or approved.
None of the three other women who received Roberts injections died, at least two of them living in Atlanta.
Roberts was arrested and detained in last May at his home in Sandford, Florida, because the judge considered her a danger to the community.
She is accused of owning, transporting and illegally injecting eight felony charges such as silica gel, as well as additional felony charges for illegal interstate commerce.
Roberts will be sentenced on May 24.
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