Flat silicone case you ever know?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
With the updating of science and technology, with a few years ago the rise of tablets, portable tablet let us to further the information age, along with the computer and silica gel products set on a whim also become the contemporary one of the most practical protection articles, historically, tablets will appear in the early 1960 s, but incomplete information at that time is not very high, so there will be cases when no one will think of the idea that, with 2000 years or so, Microsoft drive technology is making tablets appear in the implementation of the heavily promoted tablets, then in 10 years apple released the first tablet, causing global attention, also made the global sales of flat-panel cases. Tablet silicone case with mobile phones compared to silica gel protective sleeve enough set of extensive, but on the development of it is earlier than phone cases to come out of a lot, so now the market on the silicone mobile phone sets of far more than the number of tablet case, but as in recent years, the United States apple continuous push out, the world famous electronic tablet continuously research and development, make a lot of silicone products manufacturer in silicone case is given priority to, big efforts to develop new cases and a variety of different types, different specifications of mold, such as silicone products manufacturer is now first in case not less than 30 sets of big modulus mold development, provide the market with different types of silica gel protective sleeve! Why a lot of friends willing to choose the silicone material, and some friends will choose? All say hilti, different no common goal, no common cause to cooperate! This metaphor on choose silica gel protective sleeve can also! But the biggest reason is a lot of friends all don't know, silica gel, might as well make silicone products manufacturer for your explanation: silica gel in all cases and molding products are referred to as the silicon rubber, and silicone rubber products, with excellent performance, it belongs to a kind of synthetic rubber, is a kind of rubber and plastic products can be through the FDA certification of the material, so will be widely quoted in the field of human body skin contact, widely used to the life, and the advantages of the silica gel protective sleeve is a lot like hockey, shockproof, high and low temperature resistance, tear resistance, anti-aging, and the price is cheap, but it only weakness, easy to stick dust adsorption electronic products but also for internal dust, clean aspect can explain for you! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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