First sex doll \'brothel\' in Paris survives calls for council to close it

by:Keyuan     2020-07-24
Paris\'s first personality toy, \"brothel\", was approved for continued operation after the call for closure. Left-
Right-wing lawmakers and feminist groups have called on the Paris parliament to investigate the closure or condemnation of Xdolls.
They believe that this is a \"degrading\" place that should be classified as a brothel-it is illegal to own or operate a brothel in France.
But the police visited the agency anonymously.
Looks flat and decides not to break any laws.
Communist MP Nicholas Bonner Olad and Hef Berg expressed deep regret at the committee\'s decision.
\"This organization, Super
\"The Realistic humanoid doll is the latest invention to bring the brothel back to the landscape,\" they said . \".
In xdols, customers only pay 89 euros (£78)
Spend an hour alone in a private room with one of the three silicone sex dolls.
They only get the address after they book the Meeting and pay the fee online.
Owner Joachim Lousquy told the Parisian that while they sometimes have couples, the client is mostly male.
He claims that the thousands of euros worth of dolls are sex toys, so they are not degrading to women.
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