Fire retardant silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-03
Maybe some friends for custom silicone products have special requirements, such as flame retardant silicone products, products have a certain fire flame retardancy, before custom flame retardant silicone products we want to know about flame retardant material to! First, in our silicone products factory production high temperature about users, as long as there is in the electronics industry silicone products are all have certain flame retardant, this is due to the joined the silicone flame retardant in silicone material, this material can be silicone products when heated to absorb a large number of latent heat, and can release water molecules when silica thermal decomposition. Thereby reducing the actual temperature of the silicone products, and disperse to near combustible concentration to have certain role! Fire retardant silicone products are divided into UL94HB, UL94V - 2,UL94V - 1,UL94V - 0 four fire rating! Among them 'UL94HB' is four level of lower standard, general silicone products are able to achieve! “UL94V- 0 'level required to continue the length of the shortest, the shortest interest, so higher level! The standard is most difficult to achieve. Silicone products after adding flame retardant products elastic function drops, vulcanization molding prolonged, production efficiency will be lower. Manufacturer of custom high flame retardant silicone products cost, choose professional manufacturer is especially important.
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