Field of organic silicone needs explanation, here you should have to use rubber!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Rubber and plastic industry is a type of the industry at present human indispensable material, its analysing material covered by any one field, in our life basic everywhere, rubber and plastic materials and environmental protection organic silica gel is not exceptional also, silica gel belongs to the environmental protection material, so it is recognised by consumers use and material properties, extensive role in all aspects of industry, at present it has involved the following our common industry. 1, building glue due to the downstream concentration of real estate enterprises, leading enterprises expand market share, for improvement of quality of building materials, construction plastic industry competition pattern changed. Some construction adhesive manufacturing enterprises in the product specification can not meet the requirements, combined with the downstream bargaining power to ascend, weakened the building adhesive industry profitability and cause construction plastic manufacturing, small and medium enterprises to exit the market, make the industry centralization. In addition, financial strength and product upgrading is the cause of building adhesive industry concentration. Small and medium-sized building adhesive manufacturers anti-risk ability is weak, property developer fund chain rupture threaten construction adhesive company can't receive payment, as the industry integration, lack of competitiveness of enterprises to exit the market also. Leading enterprises in the capital advantage can support equipment and r&d upgrades, greatly improve the yield and properties of the sealant, consolidate the leading enterprises in key technologies on industry status. The advance of market leaders, will improve the sealant industry barriers to entry. 2, anti-corrosion with glue in recent years, air pollution is serious, especially the haze weather impact on the environment and people's life more and more obvious, national strength increasing of atmospheric pollution control, the future will rein of coal-fired power plants and large oil companies emissions targets, relevant policy developed, is expected to promote power anti-corrosion products the demand of the market, in order to realize the explosive growth. 3, lithium battery with glue as the new energy automobile production increase year by year, the industry of intensive support policy to accelerate, driven by the rapid development of new energy vehicles industry. In 2013 tesla battery fire caused everybody's emphasis on new energy vehicles lithium battery safety. Because of tesla's unique cell arrangement, makes the material requirements of fire prevention is extremely high, when the lithium battery encounter unexpected situations, can request the material to control in the area of the explosion, to try and escape time fully, guarantee personal safety, lithium battery with glue will have good prospects for development. 4, LED encapsulation adhesive organic silicon material is the ideal of the LED packaging material. Stresses in the traditional LED epoxy encapsulating materials were big, poor heat resistance, easy to aging and so on shortcomings, can't meet the growing demand on LED encapsulation material performance, is gradually replaced by organic silicon materials or organic silicon modified materials. Organic silicon material is one kind has high uv resistance, ageing resistance, low stress of the material, is the ideal choice for LED packaging materials. 2008 - LED industry compound growth rate reached 32% in 2017. Along with our country LED encapsulation scale ( Especially the white LED encapsulation) Expanded rapidly, China LED packaging silicone usage is rising sharply. Combined with LED products MinYongHua gradually, over the next few years China's market of LED display and LED organic silicon encapsulating materials will maintain rapid growth, promote the electronic electric company organic silicone products. 5, auto silicone adhesive and sealant production in China has great development, but the auto industry in the condition of the rubber is still in the general level, and give priority to with normal. At present our country car around 20 kg per vehicle glue, about 22 kg heavy trucks. In 2017 China's auto production for 2901. 540000 cars, automotive rubber demand reach 60. 930000 tons, in the next few years automotive rubber market will keep 15% growth. Import substitution amount of auto rubber products for the company to further put lay the foundation. 6, sealing products with glue with the development of heavy industry, seal of the development of silicone products are increasingly rapidly, how to most enterprises gradually began to intelligence, the machinery industry development, and each seal protection basic mechanical products can use the silicone seal silicone adhesive, moreover is currently in the middle of the electronics industry with the development of smart phones and electronic products, the role of organic silicone products is more and more big, with the advent of 5 g silicon sealing aprons in the role of electronic products, also will be more and more widely. 6, glue for medical use in the development of science and technology in the future we are absolutely inseparable from the health care industry, so only of organic silica gel in the medical industry will become more and more, at present no matter from the pharmaceutical industry and medical surgery and medical aspects we have the use of silica gel, as the industry started with the threshold to be admired by people, medical grade silicone products also gradually into the market demand, make a lot of products in daily life to choose medical grade rubber as a standard reference, so can be expected in the future for medical grade silicone industries will also slowly began to use, so the demand for it also.
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