Facial ministry skin cutin layer can thin silicone cleansing instrument

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
As a professional silicone cleansing instrument manufacturers, can responsibly tell you customer, facial corneous layer thinner skin cleansing instrument can be selected. But when the choice to try best to avoid errors using cleansing facial damage. Skin thin layer of consumers when choosing cleansing instrument, suggestion choice low speed cleansing instrument, each use no more than 1 minute. In addition, for sensitive skin, do not need to use every day cleansing instrument, suggested that every 1 - Use 1 2 weeks, and the bristles suggest changing once every 3 months. How can the right use of silica gel clean electricity meter? After open the instrument that wash a face, the brush head plastic cover fixed to the brush head, then put the brush head alignment instrument that wash a face at the top of the brush head is fixed in the brush head. Will brush head clockwise rotation, right after installation clearance on the brush head and the body even, if it is to remove or replace the brush, brush head directly to counterclockwise. Brush head adopt environmental protection silicone brush, diameter is only 1/3 of the hair, brush is very soft, can perfect fit with the skin. Meanwhile incremental double brush, can moderate the redundant grease with strong effectively clean the skin pores. The brush head is specially designed for sensitive muscle, can be realized by acoustic technology for effective protection of the skin. Every time, when using wet face and apply cleanser, open a cleansing instrument, moved slowly along the facial contour line, time had better not more than 1 minute. Then, wash face and use protect skin to taste, open the slow mode of silicone cleansing instrument, relieve facial wrinkles easily, the same time for 1 minute.
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