Extrusion of silicone rubber products process and extrusion machine is introduced

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
1. Extrusion process is introduced: extrusion is a very practical and useful method of processing of silicone rubber products, used in the manufacture of used for molding of various sizes and shapes of rod, tube, bar and gasket. Rubber compound on the grinding machine warm first, and then directly to join in the continuous strip extruder. Basically extruder by screw rotation of cylindrical parts or cylinder. Is introduced into the rubber strip in the extruder is carried by the thread screw seize expectations and turn it into a shape of orifice or die head end of the cylinder. By dealing with heat energy and the shape of the injection pressure of rubber mixture with continuous. Obviously, can make all kinds of products by extrusion. The best example is the tyre tread, the flat extrusion machine. It was cut into the appropriate length and with other components such as cord, fabric layer, such as bead assembled together on the tire molding machine drum. If you want to manufacture hollow products, such as silicone rubber hose, the extrusion will be equipped with installation in the circular orifice or die at the center of the core. In order to prevent hose collapse after leaving extruder, hose itself adhesion, core is hollow, and through its open extension extends to the inside of the hose. Rubber compound during extrusion expansion amount depends on the consistency of raw material, pressure and extrusion speed, temperature and other factors, so the size and contour of the mould and operating conditions must be in to get the required shape and size of the product. 2. Extruder is introduced: the extruder screw is made from special steel. They are hollow in order to allow cooling, and their spacing is usually variable. They is 2 to 10 inches in diameter. Their treatment than a constant speed. Temperature control is very important, especially for the first mold, with automatic control. Is continuous extrusion machine, and in most cases, the automatic loading with preheating rubber compounds. This paper addresses: xingyexinwen / - 26 292. HTML recommended extrusion silicone rubber products: silicone rubber tube Epdm foam sealing strip article silicone tube foaming silicone silicone seal
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