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by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
As the change of era watches became one of the most common auxiliary tools in our life, from the beginning of the 19th century a wave of pocket watch has caused the source of the watch! According to the silicone products factory small make up and realized that the world's first watch 1868 patek philippe create Koscowicz countess to Hungary, but at the time the watch failed to cause the attention of people, then, in 1904, the French traders Louis francois Cartier belt and buckle, and tied the pocket watch in hand, the method of friends, in order to solve problems. Which tied in the hands of the watch, now the market various style watch watch has been hundreds of years of development history, also have different in material production, is commonly used in the nineteenth century many manufacturing leather to make the band with the progress of era today, metal, leather, nylon, canvas and so on of main materials using the hand strap, and silica gel as the change of recent years has become a common kind of adhesive material in our life, the silicone band is one of them, rich and colorful color and highlight the appearance of the logo design to make it become a market advantage, and silica gel and metal, leather, it is primarily a green environmental protection material, compared to now on the market of silicone watches said major or get a lot of young consumers favor! Silicone band gradually rise in recent years, many design silicone products manufacturer technology mature, silica gel products not only widely used to the life now and get a lot of consumer's consistent high praise, the market now is sell like hot cakes on the watch such as smart watches, watch phone, children watch basic it is made of silicone rubber raw materials and its main than more, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, no deformation, non-toxic tasteless, does not stimulate the skin no side effect to human body, the use of long life, price is relatively cheap compared with other material, above the appearance can add all sorts of design and all kinds of LOGO printing and so on edge! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( 文章/ tamendutuijianshiyon_1。 html)
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