Explore qualified silicone products have what quality

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone products, many industry can use it to as accessories, become the focus of many enterprises in accessories on it to select objects, chat today qualified silicone products have what quality first of all get the best performance above, for many of today's seal in use process high temperature resistant, oil resistance, fatigue resistance has important relation, so for the silicone material must meet the standard conditions. Before there is no too much research and development on technology level so let rubber products, now with the advantage of the silicone material, product performance beyond other material to do the standard material above, using time and goodwill recognised by people so absolutely become the key to whether it is qualified. As a qualified product, of course, also need to be qualified silicone products manufacturer to make, for each product certification testing whether can pass, for some use cheap material suppliers to reduce our manufacturer's standard, appear on the market some products easy yellowed, appear sticky phenomenon, that is because they in order to reduce cost, use cheap raw materials to production cost control, as a qualified supplier not meet market standards, but reached the standard of market demand, so as to get customer's approval.
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