Explanation of silicone rubber and silicone distinction

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
What is the difference between silicone rubber and silicone? They are the same kind of material? Believe that a lot of people know, silica gel was just one of those types of synthetic rubber, but many people often confuse the silicone and silicone rubber; Although between the two is known as 'silicone', but there is a certain difference, first of all, the silicone is given priority to with silica, and silicon rubber is polysiloxane; Second, people in order to distinguish them, often call them organic silicone and inorganic silica gel. Here, the rubber today to introduce the differences between them. Organic silicone, silicone rubber is referred to as key is made of silicon and oxygen atoms joined chain structure, has the stable physiological inertia, low surface tension, excellent anti-aging patience and flame retardant insulation characteristics, when join the special packing can let the special properties of silicone rubber increase thermal conduction; Compared to other rubber products, silicone rubber have better air permeability, can make in - silicone rubber products 60 ~ 200 ℃ environment for long-term use; Silicone rubber in the aerospace, automotive electronics, industrial machinery, textile printing, medical equipment and other fields are widely used. Inorganic silica gel, silica gel is called by the highly reactive molecules adsorption of silicon dioxide, with stable chemical properties, good thermal stability, high mechanical strength and electrical insulation performance. Silica gel products depending on the molding process and materials can be divided into the moulding silica gel, silica gel, liquid silicone extrusion, foaming silicone and special silica gel; Its application areas including digital electronics, life daily, aerospace vehicles, chemical energy, equipment, industrial machinery, lighting hardware and medical apparatus and instruments, etc. Above is the introduction to silicone rubber and silicone distinction, we are a silicone products and rubber products manufacturers at the same time, have rich experience in silicone and silicone rubber production, if you have any problem to custom silicone products can be consulting us.
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