Epoxy resin is eliminated, the era of hot melt adhesive is coming?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
1, hot melt adhesive in the application of epoxy resin production many manufacturing company looking for a cost-effective alternative to epoxy resin, using low pressure injection molding process should be considered. Compared with the traditional epoxy resin, the advantages of low pressure injection molding including the easy to use, eliminate the curing time and environmental friendly process. Hot melt molding especially suitable for the automotive and medical equipment industry, described the connector and switch needs to be sealed and waterproof and dustproof, so it gets dig deep and development, at present and for a variety of industries and products to good effect. The rising popularity of hot melt adhesive and low-pressure injection molding predicts 2020, hot melt adhesive industry will grow to nearly $10 billion. Although there are epoxy resin or other adhesive may provide a better solution, but the use of hot melt adhesive and low-pressure injection molding in China and the global popularity has grown steadily. Below is the hot melt adhesive and the main advantage of the low pressure molding process of summary. The main advantage of hot-melt adhesive although there are many factors lead to the rising popularity of hot melt adhesive, but is one of the main reasons for the increased use of solvent adhesive migration gradually. Due to its without solvent composition, hot melt adhesive to abide by the industrial and environmental regulations. Below Outlines the hot melt adhesive forming additional advantages: compared with other adhesives, hot melt adhesive has a longer shelf life of hot melt adhesive is affordable hot melt adhesive to buy hot melt forming residual can be discarded without damage to the environment hot melt adhesive is easy to configure with these advantages, hot melt adhesive is the excellent adhesive choice for many industries. Due to its low viscosity and rapid cycle time, it also applies to low pressure molding. Low pressure injection molding process of low pressure injection molding involves the use of hot melt adhesive sealing and protection of electronic components, such as PCB and electronic components in the car. Technology is also used for molding the adhesives protection silicone rubber gasket, such as high precision degree of the silicone protective picked by it, and low pressure molding process can prevent the water and dirt interference from the function of protection components. 2, low pressure molding in the automotive industry, the application of hot melt molding is used in the production of auto parts validated the glue solution. Internal components of the hot melt type molds are effective, include the following contents: oxygen sensor seal pressure sensor speed sensor on-board computer control panel also, in the automotive industry, hot melt adhesive is also used in other production capacity: decorated door plank of adhesive windshield adhesive glue weather stripping and gasket adhesive main bonding because of the hot melt adhesive can well with glass glue, so hot melt adhesive is very suitable for use in automotive industry. In addition, the low pressure hot melt molding is to protect the auto electric parts. Finally, the low pressure injection molding hot melt adhesive used in pipeline environment. 3, low pressure injection molding medical equipment for medical devices industry increasingly contains components need to seal and protect the environment factors. Like automobile, medical equipment also contains oxygen sensor, control panel and pressure sensors. These components must prevent fluid and debris, or the function of the equipment could be affected. Low pressure molding is an effective method for the following types of medical equipment sealed parts: patient vital signs monitor anesthesia electrical and mechanical ventilator incubators surgical equipment and cars, hot melt adhesive can be used for bonding of medical equipment of external components. Examples include organic glass components and washer in the application of the incubator. Shell and the screen can also use the hot melt adhesive glue. 4, extra low pressure molding applications in addition to the car and growing popularity in the field of medical apparatus and instruments, low pressure injection molding in other industries also is on the rise. Benefit from the examples of low pressure molding manufacturing company include: USB thumb drive electronics manufacturing merchant manufacturer identification tag manufacturers 5, when epoxy resin is a better solution the hot melt adhesive provides users with many advantages, but the bonding performance of epoxy resin is impressive, cannot be ignored. Epoxy resin with high stability and resistance to chemical and physical conditions demanding can force the epoxy resin become feasible solutions in many industrial environments, especially those who need to use with metal product of epoxy resin adhesive. Epoxy resin is famous for its high temperature resistance ability. Here are some other hot melt adhesive and epoxy resin will be more than other types of adhesive rational selection example: need to be made by the development of space products chemical products construction requires constant heat sterilization equipment manufacturing seek alternatives to welding situation clearly, the benefits of the epoxy resin is worth considering in various applications, especially those who need to have excellent resistance to bad environment.
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