Epdm reclaimed rubber - price The reason for the difference between the price of epdm reclaimed rubber

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Epdm reclaimed rubber - price Reason for the difference between the price of EPDM reclaimed rubber, rubber products co. , LTD. Take you know price of EPDM reclaimed rubber products use EPDM reclaimed rubber production of rubber friends all know that EPDM reclaimed rubber on the market price difference is very big. The price of some products more than 8000 yuan, some EPDM reclaim rubber price in 4000 yuan. Why, then, recovery of ethylene - Propylene - Terephthalate rubber price difference is so big, what reason be? 1. Epdm reclaimed rubber raw materials are different. On the market in the production of epdm reclaimed rubber raw materials are epdm waste, waste ethylene propylene rubber sealing strip, etc. Different types of ethylene propylene rubber content of epdm scrap is different, the higher the content of ethylene propylene rubber waste, epdm scrap prices higher. Regeneration of ethylene propylene rubber rubber content is higher, the greater the mechanical strength, better product quality, the general ethylene propylene terpolymer and unvulcanized ethylene propylene content is higher in ethylene propylene rubber, recycling of ethylene propylene rubber index and the price is higher; Waste epdm rubber sealing strip price is low, the recycling of ethylene propylene rubber production index is relatively low, the price is low. 2. Epdm reclaimed rubber production technology and equipment of different raw material to produce the three components of ethylene propylene rubber reclaimed rubber quality is different, the same raw material the use of advanced production technology and excellent production equipment production of the ethylene propylene rubber reclaimed rubber quality is better; Using infrared desulfurization and piecewise desulfurization technology can keep more than 90% of the original molecular weight and molecular structure of ethylene propylene rubber index is closer to the original. Advanced twin-screw dual channel filtering method of the fineness of epdm reclaimed rubber is better. For reclaimed rubber factory, advanced production technology, excellent production equipment than ordinary reclaimed rubber production technology, equipment investment is larger, update and maintenance costs are relatively high, so the production cost is larger, the higher price of EPDM reclaimed rubber. 3. Epdm reclaimed rubber mixture without the use of the waste ethylene propylene rubber and ethylene propylene rubber products processing waste into three components of ethylene-propylene rubber reclaimed rubber, must add the various regenerative agent, activator, softener, etc. , it is part of the cost of production of reclaimed rubber, such as various regenerative agent, activator, softening oil etc. Usually by the European Union environmental testing, need to use the environmentally friendly recycled rubber additives, odourless ethylene propylene rubber needs to meet the national standard, odourless harmful substance content reaches a certain standard. The environmental protection rubber price is higher than ordinary mixture, which increased the production cost of EPDM reclaimed rubber. Therefore, environmental protection EPDM reclaimed rubber with high quality and odourless EPDM reclaimed rubber prices are slightly higher. A penny a penny goods', the high price of EPDM rubber and high, environmental protection, the indicators to EPDM, alternative more proportion EPDM EPDM rubber products, maintain good physical properties; Contrast, epdm reclaim rubber product's price is low, epdm content is very low, low price is a natural. Therefore, epdm regeneration adhesive price difference is due to the factory production of all kinds of epdm reclaimed rubber by difference of the indicators. Affect the epdm reclaimed rubber performance index factors have kinds of raw materials, production techniques and various complex dispensing. Each of the ethylene - Index of propylene rubber product demand is different, there are many factors affecting the quality of epdm products, so we can't simply discuss the 'length' price theory. Don't need to use environmental protection ethylene propylene rubber reclaimed rubber with high rubber content, and choose cheap ethylene propylene rubber reclaimed rubber rubber products export, cannot achieve the standards. Rubber products manufacturers, therefore, must according to the index of rubber product requirements, select the most appropriate EPDM reclaimed rubber products, a reasonable view of the spread of ethylene-propylene rubber reclaimed rubber. Recommend related news nitrile rubber silicone rubber epdm gaskets silicone seal fluorine rubber gaskets
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