Epdm is used for high temperature resistant conveyor belt status of high class

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Today epdm used for high temperature heat transport situation of class, we from the heat resistant grades: national standard tropical resistance can be divided into four grades, 100 degrees is T1 heat-resisting, T2 125 degrees heat, T3 150 degrees heat, T4 heat 175 degrees, in addition to the T4 is 4 days old, the other three are accordingly of aging temperature for 7 days. At present domestic the most used is T2 to bring to whole butyl benzene as cover rubber heat resistant conveyor belt, the tropical resistant materials accessible, the cost is low, the process is the same as the ordinary belt. T1 is basically no production or use T2 generation. T3 with general made cover rubber, EPDM is also useful part of butyl rubber ( Useful QuanDingJi in the past, but the cost is too high, craft is easy to produce WoQi again, so in the domestic butyl rubber was almost useless in the production of T3 tropical resistance) 。 In the production of T4 with very few, only a few manufacturer can produce, mainly with dual b rubber or epdm + polyolefins blending glue production. There are beyond the national standard range of 180 degrees 7 days * aging resistant high tropical, mainly use epdm + polyolefins blend production cover rubber, with many of the special material, such as wuxi company use epdm + POE production, and give priority to with POE, POE cheap ( In 2010 only 14 yuan a kilogram, now a little bit rise in price, but also is 16 - 17 yuan a kilogram) , although there are many more expensive special materials, but the cost is not high, and use all three yuan 3-20 T3 band. Recommended products: Epdm seal strip all use 3-20 process are more troublesome, mainly solve the problem of glue on formula ( And molding process viscosity problem) 。 Basically has the following way, Skeleton materials with EE or EP, the best EP. In the past useful common twill, common twill was almost useless now! 1, using ordinary stick glue, glue for the skeleton layer between the face cover and the skeleton layer labeled with excessive or buffer layer, some still join two excessive layer. Excessive layer of EPDM + natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber, and ~ 3:7, the face cover with T2 belt cover, in order to reduce costs. This is the current domestic production of EPDM high temperature resistant conveyor belt of the main structural model. The process is complex, bad for process controls the prone to quality problems or early damage. 2, direct use EPDM + natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber, with cooperation and ~ 3:7 skeleton materials, rubber, between skeleton and face cover rubber cover glue can need not excessive layer, the face cover rubber of EPDM are available, and can also use T2 belt cover, the molding process are better than the first one, but the cost is a bit high, because of there is cover with glue stick glue analysing is not completely consistent, both cannot be completely combined together and easy cause fluctuation of adhesive performance. ( Relevant recommendations: EPDM rubber mat what construction requirements) 3, with skeleton materials, rubber, EPDM full cooperation between the skeleton and face cover without excessive layer, the face cover also use EPDM, for cover glue stick glue analysing the same and the skeleton material, combination between the two is very good, can be completely combined together, in the process which is the most simple, but the cost of materials is the most expensive, a problem to be solved with EP fabric glue formula on, but also solve the problem of forming sticky, etc. Rubber think the third is the best EODM with the structure of the model. Its not working face cover adhesive glue content can be appropriately reduced, and could face more than cover glue and stick adhesive glue all processing, reduce the cross contamination in the production and improve the work efficiency and product quality qualified rate and stability factor ( EPDM tape prone to quality unstable phenomenon, often early damage caused by adhesion failure) The comprehensive cost is not higher than the other two. But with all the EPDM as EP fabric rubberizing tend to direct bonding is bad or process have no, this is the current domestic basically use the EPDM for EP fabric rubberizing reason directly.
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