Environmental protection supervision south, fujian in late July coming into the period of high alert!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Influenced by national policy, the July battle, a wide range of blue sky environmental protection supervision from northeast China south together, silicone products and auxiliary materials for the business base material upstream suppliers, and other chemical industry will be affected by the strict, recently in fujian China began to large quantities of environmental supervision, shantou chaoyang district began a field investigation of environmental protection, in view of the environmental impact, air pollution from impact and influence the arrival of the process were investigated. Recently, the chaoyang district in guiyu circular economy industrial park will, in view of the stage to rebound guiyu environment pollution case, further mobilize the cadres at all levels and unified thought, in a more proactive attitude, bear more pragmatic style, more solid and effective measures, to pay special attention to guiyu environmental regulation. Reporters learned that the area will increase investment in human resources, take extraordinary measures, in order to 'zero tolerance' high-pressure situation, to combat the illegal crime of guiyu electronic waste pollution environment, deepening guiyu environment comprehensive improvement work. According to understand, for to pay special attention to the environment of guiyu, chaoyang district, the original in guiyu town of multi-sectoral joint strike group and posts, on the basis of increased from 12 from area public security sub-bureau safeguard players, and a police car in guiyu, strengthen environmental patrol forces and crackdown, effective deterrent environmental crime. At the same time, the chaoyang district in guiyu town multi-sectoral joint law enforcement team joint guiyu town strengthen patrols in the area under its jurisdiction, serious illegal environmental crime. On the one hand, joint guiyu town, environmental departments to carry out the law enforcement, strengthen the law enforcement inspections. United, on the other hand, the environment department to strengthen the routine inspections of has go through the formalities of the environmental protection enterprise regulation, to carry out the business owners to obey the law. The ChongDian Village ( R) To conduct a comprehensive inventory, once found that environmental violations, quickly to carry out the investigation. To strengthen the power of the posts, use the search space time to the bayonet set up checked posts, and greatly improve the terror. In the second half, chaoyang district will be upper and lower linkage, proactive, take extraordinary measures, in order to 'zero tolerance' high-pressure situation, continuous increase of guiyu violation of environmental pollution by electronic waste illegal crime, dismantling, utilization, disposal of electronic waste pollution environment illegal and criminal activities, found a, resolutely investigate a, never tolerate!
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