Environmental protection efforts continue to increase, silicone industry upstream and downstream industry reshuffle thoroughly?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Since this year, continue to strengthen environmental protection supervision strength, many small and medium factories have closed in southern China, big days sad, downstream end nobody pick up the goods, dealers, according to the expected discounted are difficult to sell, influential still belongs to the chemical industry. Starting this year fujian xiamen area factory in shenzhen at around environmental issues to consider, is small to move, to shut down collapse, and silicone rubber products upstream and downstream effects slants big, a lot of silicone manufacturers because the technology problems, lead to dust, emissions, air impact and check, the upstream breakdown maintenance, lower raw material and semi-finished products soared, led to the suspension of the silicone industry chain, not supply customers save and so on. The most serious. National efforts to control the environment, from the enterprise production from coal to gas, coal electricity in rural areas, even small workshops, small businesses device of electricity production. Followed by many chemical boss turned up one after another, in the first half of the whole chemical is supply exceeds demand, make the business they want to cry. Had not been able to change careers are turned, the rest is to do a lifetime chemical, really don't want to give up. For the sake of the family, children, ideal, again difficult also to adhere to. Recently, a chemical friend told me that his factory down, to see a friend in a bad mood just chatted with his current situation, and also to understand the cause of the collapse of targeted, in general, should have the following five main reasons: 01 didn't get the eia make chemical industry for some years, friends and others really is some pollution problems, because environmental protection supervision has become increasingly harsh, since late last year the whole eia, always can't through, and often clean up close, chilling. 02 started at a loss in the first three quarters of last year is better, the most strict time out of business for more than a month, and then start again. From the end of 2018 is washed-up, time stopped, the original is made, but earn much less than in previous years, this year has been lost, but also because of total shutdown rectify lost a lot of stable customers. 03 shipping pressure eldest brother a few thought that cook do not have a thing of the past, last year last year, was added to start the whole eia, then at the beginning of the year a head hot loan bought some new equipment to expand, the meng force! Not only costs forfeited back also started to lose money, loan pressure big, a few people and have a family, can't, this two days to prepare to sell the equipment, can say back to point the blood is the point. 04 artificial and hydropower environmental force lead to rent costs have been rising in the recent years, along with the improvement of the system, from the three insurances into five social insurance and one housing fund, hydro pressure has also been some, especially in the industrial power. Rent this one, especially the rented warehouse, may have been difficult, with much and can't afford to rent, rent and I don't know what time can have a good start, aeriform in, these costs are make friends very headache. 05 the malicious competition market plunge this year, the factory of your friends are suffering, is a small factory like they rely on low prices to enhance their own competitiveness, technological nature is than large companies, however, didn't also the capital for technological, but now a lot of big players began to make this set at a lower price, friend, this factory can only have been compressed their own profit, which is one of the cause of a loss. Since late last year, chemical enterprise of terror, are treading on thin ice, under the catalysis of environmental supervision, accelerate the so-called chemical industry 'shuffle', many small and medium-sized enterprise will bear been washed down. More and more chemical enterprises suffer from 'passengers, loss, according to the material difficult to', etc. , as a result, it stimulated the rise of the Internet industry, all kinds of platform to promote the development of chemical industry supply and demand have sprung up. In the face of the wide variety of platforms, a thought the material how are you going to choose? In fact, want to develop long-term chemical boss, there will be a firm goal, seldom go to struggle to do multiple choice questions. Simple 'so' let the material business, a lot of peer support and use of choice.
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