Environmental monitoring the buffer season, the enterprise should relax vigilance?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
'we are all afraid of every morning the sun rises, the factory outside a police car and sped off, plainclothes and even unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)! 'this is the last side of supply and production capacity, under the condition of raw material rising, movement type,' one size fits all 'type of environmental protection in the process of some big company boss inner reality. As early as in 2018 the first round of the central environmental inspectors' looking back, the ecological environment department specially tailored to ban 'one-size-fits-all' environmental protection work, banned all shut down and stop to say again first, simple and crude perfunctory behavior, avoid concentrating the production shutdown, remember in silicone rubber products industry, and don't know how many do surrounding auxiliary materials, secondary processing of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) have been scattered, there are a lot of relevant environmental protection enterprises gradually shutting down, lead to the industrial chain rupture, production delivery date not meet expectations, and so on. Policy, however, makers, everyone also all perceive localities to alleviate the above environmental pressure, the restaurant, motor repair shop, car shop even steamed bun shop unified closed, such not only seriously affect the normal operation of the market, also caused the people to inconvenience. In the past for a long period of time, some local economic development and environmental protection, the wrong thought, scrutiny on environmental protection is to make 'one size fits all ', is to close them, it brought a big negative impact to the development of economy. The good news is that this year the environmental protection is still tough, but everything seemed to become different. From last year to now, the size of the closed enterprise, there are quite a number of being injured, for those who have taken a 'green blanket place by the profits and losses of the enterprise or individual can be rights according to law, which did not exist in violation of laws and regulations in a strict sense of misconduct, for these, you can be for administrative compensation, how long will this give you caused the loss, the amount of how much damage can be rights according to law. Even if the other party is a state of the so-called legal work, it will involve the administrative compensation, this also can apply for. So law enforcement agencies must also must obey the laws and regulations application requirements, otherwise will be paying the price for the wrong behavior.
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