Enterprise gathers to mixed silicone rubber flame retardant plastic market?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Recently, raw rubber strength high, mixing rubber faced constant demand, market bidding situation more and more fierce, and very powerful advantages of silica gel products manufacturers to master material self-sufficiency, no raw material advantages of mixing rubber enterprise is in the passive, to seek development, special silicone rubber market has received more and more people attention. Flame retardant silicone rubber, for example, recently, the zibo city people's government announced in 2018 the city's 'double ten' high-tech innovation projects list. Including dongyue investment of 10 million yuan of high performance flame-retardant silicone rubber research and development and industrialization projects. Compared with Europe and the United States developed countries, the application of the flame retardant polymer materials proportion less than 2%, and foreign have been as high as 15% 20%, we still have a lot of room to improve. Flame retardant material application in our country is far from achieving a proper level. And both domestic and abroad, forced flame retardant is the trend of The Times. There is no doubt that the future flame retardant material consumption market potential is tremendous. In our daily life, wire and cable is everywhere, the cable material dosage, at least in the more than 2. 5 million tons, currently used eight wire and cable materials are described. properties, TPE, TPV, TPU, EPR, PVC/HNBR, silica gel, CPE/CR. Among them, the flame retardant silicone rubber is one of the cable material, has excellent resistance to high and low moderate electric insulation, flame retardancy, processability, also can do high and low temperature resistance to aging, therefore flame retardant silicone rubber is widely used in wire and cable industry, such as high and low temperature resistance, high insulation of wire and cable, atomic energy device of wire and cable coating materials are using silicone materials. Flame retardant silicone rubber and its manufacturing method: vinyl molar content of 10-1% of the raw rubber 25, vinyl molar content is 0. 60-05% of the raw rubber 40-100, the gas phase silica 60, hydrogen silicone oil 5 - 10-10, magnesium hydroxide 10-100, calcium bicarbonate 10-100, zinc borate 30, vinyl silane 1-3 armour oxygen radicals Three, titanate coupling agent 2 - , cerium oxide 2-6 4, in terms of platinum content of platinum compounds to 0 0 to 30 PPM, phenyl inhibitors 2 copies. Flame retardant silicone rubber with good mechanical properties and high ability of flame retardant flame retardant accord with UL94 V - 0, suitable for moulding process and extrusion process. Silicone rubber and other special purposes, such as high damping silicone rubber, high corrosion resistant high tear silicone rubber silicone rubber, resistance to electromagnetic interference, high temperature resistant, More than 350 ℃) Silicone rubber, etc. , while the total demand is not very big, but for our country's national defense construction and high-end technology and has an irreplaceable role in the development of national economy, these also need we stepped up efforts to develop the research. The magic of silicone rubber are changing our life, at the same time, we also want to see, compared with the international advanced level, our country's silicone rubber from the power of the scientific research level of products should be used there is a large gap, need to be engaged in silicone rubber products, the production of my colleagues work together to continuously develop more and better silicone rubber to meet the needs of the people.
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