Enough food grade food grade silicone products?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Regardless of any deal, any deal, any goods will get both the focus on quality, so when the silica gel products has become indispensable to our life a thing, can be summed up in the quality of different conclusions, in recent years has been the consumers pay close attention to the 'food grade silicone products in our line of sight under the common, and in real life whether there is really can be called food grade again, exactly enough food grade? Professionals know that in the silica gel is a natural resin raw materials, then after silicone rubber, silicone oil, silane mixing the raw materials can also call on the food grade silica gel? Is said by the FDA or ROHS silicone products is good, but still now, large and small, how many of the silicone supplier dare to admit that you did not cut corners, decrease the cost of quality control on raw material and process? Silicone products small make up also on the side of the road and stores often see a lot of low quality of silicone products, and is in contact with the human body skin often products, such as mobile phone sets, silicone cup, eat mat, etc. , also some people often complain that their yellow silicone products, color change, stink out a series of reasons such as oil, in fact all of these are silicone products manufacturer can control, just ignore details quality most manufacturers to pursue interests, so no matter what you use is now a well-known brand of silica gel products, the brand is not so could you choose the supplier with inadequate food grade products! So what food grade silicone enough food grade place? If you met in the street like silicone products you can test the tensile strength, the tensile state products appear in the white material that can prove this is not the food-grade silicone raw materials, also do not belong to the food grade silica gel is made and become, the food grade silica gel is the feature of raw materials, belong to product of high transparent, yellowing, tearing resistance strong mainly solved the long-term use will not become yellow, product non-toxic tasteless, can make high transparent life products, etc. So can also give everyone say food grade silicone products are just on the raw material is through the FDA certification testing, and will appear in the middle of the other process other material is also see manufacturers how to make! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( 文章/ kezhedieguijiaozhipi_1。 html)
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