End of the first round of the environmental supervision 'look back', and more than 43000 enterprises nationwide order is corrected

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
On May 27, according to the silicone products manufacturer small make up to know, a few days ago: in the first round of the ecological environmental protection supervision and 'look back' is complete. Recently, launched a second round of the ecological environmental protection supervision, means that for more than two years of the ecological environment of part two batches of shanxi, hubei, hunan provinces and 20 'look back' feedback. Through the first round of the supervision and effective compaction 'look back' ecological environmental protection responsibility, the local party committees and the government has made 'thumb up the people, the central, local support, problem solving' the remarkable effect. Here are 20 provinces in the first round of protection supervision 'look back' situation summary: in the first round of the inspector and accept masses inform against 21 'look back'. More than 20000, repeated to report to the local complaint about 17 after merging. 90000, the vast majority have been transferred to directly promote more than 150000 people around the ecological environment problems. Among them, the filing punishment more than 40000, fines of up to 24. 600 million yuan; Initiate an investigation of 2303, administrative and criminal detention, 2264 people, 509 were handed over to the responsibility problem. The first round of supervision nationwide provinces, large area, inspector unprecedented wide coverage and intensity. Inspectors in the first round and 'look back' and found many problems and deficiencies, in particular, some common problems: one is the ideological understanding does not reach the designated position, the second is to elaborate the rectification is relatively rare, the third is surface rectification, four is pretending to be improvement still exists.
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