Electronic products waterproof secret do you know?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
The level of science and technology is becoming more and more high, the modern consumer friends for electronic products is also opening up, so for the functional electronics technology is not low, many technologies on the market at present is waterproof, dustproof, seal shall prevail, this function has become a great magic weapon, many brands when it comes to 'waterproof' two words nature of the product has set up a good image, so today silicone products manufacturer for popular science about electronic products waterproof technology and the truth! Bracelet all know now a lot of intelligence, mechanical watches, smart phones and so on has the function, especially for apple, samsung, SONY, well-known brands such as huawei has the advantage, but for waterproof technology idea, do you really know? One thousand your cell phones or electronic products unfortunately fell into the water, maybe you are luck to may still can continue to use, after drying the but your phone have waterproof function, if you're out of luck is likely will circuit board burn out. To waterproof smartphones in the true sense, so there is no basic, for the iPhone, such as the Galaxy or SONY Xperia waterproof models of mobile phones is added in the middle of the cell phone just certain waterproof silicone seal can effectively prevent burning phenomenon, however, if you are determined to bring a waterproof phone or bracelet swimming, short-term there may be no problem, but the long-term use of I estimate that you have to change a! Speaking of silicone seal in the smartphone seal the above apply, together a long time ago, someone said the biggest challenge is unable to make manufacturing crystal permanently fixed on the frame, silicone material, however, to achieve the effect, the current trend of mobile phone framework mainly adopts high softness silicone rubber processing production, high precision work cannot be occurrence crack phenomenon after assembled, after adhesive bonding reaches a certain effect. So the silicone seal also realized the technology! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( 文章/ xiaomizhuanshuguijia_1。 html)
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