Elastic problems of science popularization of silicone rubber products!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Rubber and plastic industry all of rubber and silicone products why are we used has a history of thousands of years, one of the biggest reason for its flexibility and softness, elasticity is by British scientists, Alfred Marshall, as early as the 16th century have this principle, found in Scottish chemist images of silicone rubber products industry and rubber applied the principle of theory of rubber elasticity after reference until today, after hundreds of years of development, now in all areas of our use, as the growth of the vehicle continuously and update of machine building industry the application of rubber and silicone rubber products have become an indispensable auxiliary materials, we banned many industries of leather, metal products. Nowadays the use of silicone rubber products gradually expand, the elastic resilience of silica gel products became its performance is the most precious of an advantage, elastic principle refers to must want to have the very strong adaptability and resilience to rebound and contraction and not force suppression, realize the flexible application of elastic the silica gel products industry widely used in various fields, and many common parts and components if lose elasticity will take less than a lot of basic function, so a lot of the life of the silica gel products are associated with springback stretch, in the application of the most common to provide shock absorption, shockproof, buffer, seal, and so on. The main reason for the elastic silicone products have the following points. 1, the formula of raw materials and the quality can directly affect the silica gel products factory produced products lead to toughness is bad, resilient rate drop and so on, but also according to the product performance and hardness to decide the production of raw materials formula and the performance additives! 2, excessive force, especially in some of the machinery industry to cyclic use long-term cyclic frequency and too much cause performance reach the limit, so life will gradually decline slowly. 3, improper use different strength leads to performance degradation, in some of the common and common use of the same type of occasions, both stress is different in different environments (or Such as ozone, heavy oil) Can lead to fatigue using silicone products and reduce the life! 4, silicone products manufacturer making problems, in the factory production process of the mixing vulcanizing agent with the material hardness, is expected to molding mold vulcanization temperature, pressure and time could affect a elasticity and other problems of the performance of silicone products. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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