Downstream of the raw material and auxiliary material prices continue to surge, silica gel products industry what effect!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
As a new understanding in recent months, the deterioration of crown virus abroad for high and low, result in a shortage of global protection materials become a big problem at present, and the price of protective materials surrounding auxiliary material as the shortage of supplies and quickly jumped recently, melt-blown fabric price from twenty thousand yuan to around four hundred thousand now, other auxiliary materials same rise, and an auxiliary material of organic silicon products recently happened for respirator of raw materials, prices are soaring. Silica gel products curing agent double twenty and two minimum exactly? Silicone auxiliary material is one of the integrality of the silicone products of raw materials, now also is a kind of indispensable raw materials of silicone rubber products manufacturers, organic silicon oxide and double m and double should be here in just a week time prices have raised nearly four times, downstream due to greatly raise the price of silica gel product processing factory is difficult to normal order. Silica gel catalyst of double m, double minimum complementary material mainly upstream Yangtze river delta area, according to relevant information upstream, the silicone rubber catalyst is skyrocketing prices alone or with highly monopoly and the protection material has certain relevance, follow up goods, speculation in recent period of time correlation between protective materials and auxiliary materials and materials have been raised, and master the industry development present situation as far as possible, timely stop loss is the most important thing. Double concerning with double silicone sulfiding agent should be what is the difference? In any silicone products of curing agent is one of a kind of indispensable complementary material, at the time of silicone rubber mixing will join vulcanizing agent make crosslinked rubber in order to exert its function, then we use the vulcanizing agent silica gel processing manufacturer at the time of mixing rubber, after high temperature curing tablet hydraulic equipment. If not join vulcanizing agent product nature cannot be cured, and double m and double the 252 kinds of auxiliary material is curing agent of raw materials. Double 24:27 and decomposition temperature is low, the advantages of fast decomposition and so is the common use of the extrusion molding with mixing rubber vulcanizing agent. But due to the decomposition temperature is low, so the charred performance is not good, so the amount should be as little as possible. Breakdown products of 2. 4 - Two chlorobenzoic acid and 2. 4 - Dichlorobenzene, toxicity, and affect the heat resistance of the rubber products. For carbon black interfere with double 24:27 and sulfuration, therefore cannot be used for mixing adhesive containing carbon black. Double should be high decomposition temperature, coke burning performance is good. Due to the decomposition does not produce the product of with carboxyl, so therefore do not affect the thermal stability of the adhesive. Double minimum can be used for rubber with carbon black, broad application range. Adopt double 5 second, vulcanizates low compression deformation, has higher elongation. In addition, the dosage of peroxide can make vulcanizates after more than appropriate dosage of elongation, tear strength, such as performance degradation, the influence of double 24:27 and more. Double 24:27 and commonly used in the above, the double should use on the molded silicone products, such as the above said, double 24:27 and commonly used in rolling process, usually in the curing temperature of 120 degrees, double should be generally used for moulding, catalytic temperature is 180 degrees. , there is another difference between double m is a general-purpose vulcanizing agent, vinyl and double minimum is special vulcanizing agent.
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