Downstream of the private enterprises play an important role in the history of organic silicon in China!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Is given priority to with methyl chlorosilane silicone products of private enterprises to enter the 21st century, organic silicone products in China already had a big development of the downstream enterprises. Due to the shortage of methyl chlorosilane capacity in state-owned enterprises, so the production of methyl chlorosilane growth remains far cannot satisfy the needs of the development of the downstream enterprises. In the Chinese market the price of the primary form of polysiloxane briefly approached $40000 per ton. Some far-sighted entrepreneurs see organic silicon is belong to the state encourages the development of hi-tech industry; The main raw material for silicon metal, methanol and hydrochloric acid can be a foothold in the domestic. They also know that organic silicon products is an important material support of the national economy, China can never does not have its own organic silicon industry. As far as I know, is the earliest foshan hualian Xu Feng etc to assist general manager Mr Luo Liguo, set up the factory silicone monomer. Some private enterprises when starting, methyl chlorosilane production scale generally only 60000 tons/year. Although small, but there are strict quality requirements of chemical grade silicon block, methanol and catalyst preparation, procurement of raw materials or after monomer synthesis, rectify, hydrolysis, cracking to the synthesis of polysiloxane, no don't spend a lot of energy and money. So private organic silicon enterprises set up is not achieved overnight. Zhejiang hesheng start earlier ( Start is called jimei) Successfully put into production in early 2007, under the operation of the chairman Luo Liguo development well, and has been profitable. The factory has to have rich coal resources development in xinjiang; Also near to the northeast to use cheap electricity, charcoal and other chemical grade silicon production resources development. Many private enterprises such as zhejiang hengye and shanxi three good companies in order to reduce the cost to have rich coal resources of Inner Mongolia and other places. It seems most of the private enterprises focus on greatly reduce the production cost of monomer in an attempt to stand up. The common characteristics of China's private entrepreneurs is constantly striving to become, not to stop the pursuit of technological progress. They engaged in organic silicon research or in the original production of retired senior engineer, worker, and a professor at the university of power technology constantly improving, level enhances unceasingly, the scale expands unceasingly. In all the different classification of silica gel products factory joint efforts, the synthesis of methyl chlorosilane fluidized bed's actual annual output can reach 80000 tons, 100000 tons or more. At present, the largest of the Chinese enterprises, by the chemical industry in Qingdao university professor jian-long li design, can produce 150000 tons of methyl chlorosilane monomer single fluidized bed has been run successfully in private shandong Jin Ling chemical company. At the beginning of the new century, due to a large number of private enterprises to join in, the organic silicon industry in China appeared gratifying change. From 2005 to 2007 and 2008, there are several monomer plant put into operation. Made from Chinese enterprises to the private enterprise production of methyl monomer in 2009 to about 570000 tons, 2010 to 850000 tons, in 2011, nearly 1 million tons, in 2012 reached 1 million tons, not less than 1. 3 million tons, in 2013 to an estimated 2014 1. 5 million tons of up and down. From table 2 is with methyl chlorosilane products more than ten Chinese organic silicon. The private enterprises in the production of the amount of methyl chlorosilane has accounted for more than half of the total Chinese enterprises production. Due to the rise of private monomer enterprises quickly reversed the situation of shortage of domestic methyl chlorosilane. Production of methyl chlorosilane in China not only greatly ease the tight supply the intermediates, make China consumes more than 70% of methyl chlorosilane. And make a lot of organic silicon downstream products of private enterprise use of domestic raw materials, played their in meet the demand of national defense cutting-edge and national economic potential. Upstream and downstream of private enterprises to join for young Chinese organic silicon industry increase the force; In boosting the development of China's organic silicon industry play a decisive role. Their power has greatly changed the Chinese organic silicon enterprises in the weak position in the market, China's private organic silicon enterprises played!
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