double trouble: are breast enlargements imitation or mutilation?

by:Keyuan     2020-06-21
I clearly remember the first time I saw a pair of surgery-enhanced breasts with my own eyes.
Around year 89, in the gym locker room of a private member club, a friend took me to exercise.
I was undressing nervously because I didn\'t like to undress in front of strangers.
There is also a woman who, just a few feet away, is topless, has a quirky and strong chest and stretches out into the air.
My first reaction was shock.
In front of me, two very strange, unfamiliar, unnatural body parts are openly displayed.
They don\'t look real or natural at all.
They look like their breasts-have bought and paid for them.
Not as soft and drooping as embonpoint in his thirties, but plastic, hard
It looks perfect.
I felt like I was slapped.
They say robots.
They announced their wishes.
They say \"I am much richer than you\", \"I am more attractive than you\", and even \"well spent \".
Because in this woman\'s light gold and strange golden sphere, there is an air of unquestionable conspicuous consumption.
I felt sick at once and turned and left.
I put it around us, after all, it\'s a membership club that\'s obviously rich.
I tell myself that it is these types of people-rich, successful, and traditionally attractive-that do such things.
At the time, the woman\'s fake brown chest seemed to symbolize a jetset lifestyle;
Vulgar, show-off and known signifier of social status.
It inspired my opinion anyway.
I don\'t like what I see or do it myself.
But I always thought men liked them.
Don\'t all men like plump breasts?
But this is probably the wrong place for me.
A few years later, a boyfriend told me a fictional story about how the Los Angeles porn industry imported Russian and Eastern European porn actresses with real breasts, because the Los Angeles video director is tired of their American rival\'s silicone breasts not moving and rebounding in the same way that the senses shake.
I ignored it and still believe that the average person would rather fondle an emerging Cup enhanced by surgery than a modest a or even B-sized pillow.
So this month I read in GQ that novelist Tony Parsons\'s impassioned debate, fear of fake breasts, has given me great relief.
His argument is that the fake breast is \"like a plastic fruit\"-looks good but can\'t touch it.
\"They are not touched, kissed or felt, they are appreciated, discussed, desired and photographed.
The moment they were moved-I mean in passion, not in the interest of curiosity or scientific research-then the spell was broken.
This is true of all fake breasts, no matter how much money is spent on this female self-behaviormutilation.
\"The scales fell from my eyes.
I \'ve always thought that\'s the problem with my fake breasts-that\'s my problem. I wasn\'t post-Enough feminism. I wasn\'t post-modern enough.
I am still fascinated by the early feminist texts I read at the age of 16-female eunuchs, female rooms, and second sex, and these books attack the doll image of women in society --
Like a male fantasy character.
I especially hate women\'s general anesthesia, thus risking their lives and limbs and sticking to the ideals of some pneumatic Barbie dolls --
It\'s like \"Perfect \".
So for me at least, it\'s really liberating to find that man (
I think if any degree of painful modification of a woman\'s body stimulates their sexual needs, they may approve or applaud)
Feel the same way.
In fact, on appointments in recent months, I have found that many modern sensitive male souls are hardly the physical fascist of JOOR.
Patrick Bateman\'s love of the 80-year-old blonde in hard state is fictional, and still so.
Men like women of all shapes and sizes.
Contrary to women\'s own view of their own body, some men think that small breasts are sexy;
Others prefer the \"overweight\" size of the 16 th instead of the \"perfect\" size of the 10 th.
What\'s more, many men find that Jordan/Katie Price\'s so-called nurse-like perfection is more objectionable than women.
As a prototype that men might like, the Beach-
The size of the ball, unapologetic false appearance insulted their taste and wisdom.
All of this raises the question: if they are so terrible and men don\'t really like them, why are thousands of women being cut off?
As Parsons said: \"Why not think a lot about the extraordinary boom of women protesting against trade in fake breasts?
\"But he may be wrong at this point.
Obviously, some women do think breast implants is as unnecessary as he is.
\"Breast surgery has become another part of the beauty system, just like applying makeup
Writer Joan Smith said: \"It is not necessary, and it is not pleasant, it is the same as a haircut.
It has been normalized.
I think any woman considering cosmetic surgery should stay in Darfur for a month and then decide if the body image is a really important issue.
Marcelle D\'Argy Smith, a former international editor, agreed.
\"Fake breasts have become inevitable.
But I think the main reason why women do this is to please men.
They are trying to achieve the fantasy of men and I don\'t think we can blame them for that.
It may make them more confident, but ultimately it is for men.
\"Like me, Joan Bakewell of the broadcasting company thinks synthetic materials look very exclusive.
\"Fake breasts look fake.
They lack any beauty or softness associated with real breasts.
There are two oranges in your coat.
They are not like real breasts.
\"These are just voices of different opinions.
But women don\'t shout loudly enough.
Yes, we may not like plastic breasts, but there is no denying that they play an increasingly important role in our society.
Since my first shocking encounter about a decade ago, surgery-enhanced breasts-or at least images of them-are everywhere.
From Katie Price to Victoria Beckham, Judy Marsh to Pamela Anderson, the fake breasts have lost shocking value with the support of celebrities.
Brigitte Nelson even broadcast her breast silicone on TV last week.
The big brother of each series has a must-have pair-Lisa is the model for this year, purchased by her boyfriend Mario.
There is speculation that Britney, Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Simpson and Kelly Rowland own them.
Now it seems that no one knows where the real end and false start is-this also applies to the performance of curves in photography.
This week, Keira Knightley opposed the tyranny of unnatural breasts, and she prevented the Duchess\'s manufacturers from \"spraying\" the larger cups into her naturally flat breasts.
What is happening in the celebrity world now has an impact on any young woman who opens a magazine or turns on TV.
Last year, 26,000 British women were stabbed to pursue larger breasts, of which only 6,497 registered through BAAPS (
British Association of Plastic Surgeons).
But even this 6,497 breast implants has made it the most popular cosmetic surgery recorded by BAAPS, an increase of 6 percentage points over the previous year.
Then there are ordinary housewives or Girls Next Door (Not Katie Price.
As discussed in the recent BBC3 shock documentary Addicted to chest work, they are working on a fifth or sixth op.
\"A woman on the show had five surgeries, three cosmetic surgeries and two reconstruction surgeries,\" recalls host Louise Roy . \".
One of the cosmetic surgeries had a problem and the implant leaked so after that she had to do two reconstruction surgeries.
\"The most shocking thing for Roe is that these women are\" not glamorous models, nor Pamela Anderson \"but ordinary housewives, and you may find this type of woman
\"A lot of them have left a lot of scars in all the surgeries,\" she remembers, \"and there is a lady whose chest is not even like a chest anymore.
\"Like some celebrities, a small number of patients have been mentally addicted to changing their breasts and eventually doing multiple surgeries, hoping that every expensive surgery will help them reach an acceptable size.
A breast augmentation does not like to do the test.
It\'s usually two hours under normal circumstances. anaesthetic-and-
All surgery, all organ failure and common risk of cardiac arrest.
After the operation is successful, place the drainage tube in the incision for a few days to help eliminate the excess fluid.
The chest is wrapped in gauze for a week and it is recommended that patients minimize arm movement to prevent muscle and tissue separation around the implant.
The enhanced breasts will still drooping with age, and the life of the implant is about 16 years, so it needs to be replaced according to the age of the woman.
Then the cost.
Although the price has become more \"competitive\", the breast augmentation guidance price of the national chain cosmetic clinic Transform is 3,950.
The shape of tears is more expensive.
The size of the \"charm model\" is still expensive because they have to be specifically ordered from the manufacturer.
The consequences of less successful surgery can be disastrous: even the best surgeon admits that the risk includes lumps
Uneven appearance, depression, breast mismatch, infection, loss of sensation, formation of calcium around the implant, bleeding, blood clots, loss of skin and rupture or leakage of the implant.
The arrival of casual lunch-
Hours of operation-Sarah Cox, 27, this weekyear-
The old beauty therapist from West Bromwich is proud to present in a paper the results of the chest \"thorns\" she injected-and it seems that there is little to offer a better prognosis.
Why would someone take such a big risk because the B cup is \"not big enough\", which seems to be a foolish victory over reason.
More than 50 years ago, the fashion of breast enlargement began.
At the end of World War II, Japanese prostitutes began to freely inject silicone liquid into their breasts to please the US geographic information system.
It turns out to be a disaster because the basic silicone is often hardened or rough and infected.
The surgeons went back to the drawings, and in their early 60 s they developed modern squid implants: two bags of liquid silicone, packed in one shell, and then inserted them all into the main body.
Those who are in their 60 s are called the \"first-
The \"Dai\" implants, because they have a very thin shell and liquid silicone inside, often develop lumps or solidify in the lymph nodes.
We are now in the \"fifth generation\" and have a history of year 89.
The shell of the contemporary implant is thicker, half
Solid silicone inside.
Surgeons claim that they are stronger, so patients should not have a leak if they do have a fracture.
At the age of 80, when a group of women claimed breast implants caused a painful tissue disease, silicone implants became a controversial topic in the United States (
Similar to arthritis).
The media quickly mastered the story, and the safety of fake breasts became sufficient.
Health panic.
In 1991, the United States government suspended silicone implants, followed by extensive research worldwide to explore the link between silicone implants and colon tissue disease or breast cancer.
It turned out that there was no connection, and on 1998 the British government issued a directive requiring silicone implants to be safe.
The United States lifted the silicone ban this year.
\"Silicone is undoubtedly the best implant material,\" said Patrick Mallucci, a plastic surgery consultant and BAAPS member . \".
He explained how various alternatives were suggested, but in the trial all alternatives were disastrous.
For example, soybean implants were considered unsafe between 2000 and 2001, and all women with soybean implants were eventually removed and replaced with silicone.
Surgeons like Mallucci are angry about the media exposure of breast implants.
He claimed that many women in the celebrity spotlight were implanted through vanity and desperate pursuit of fame, and he, like me, found that there was a big problem.
However, he believes that most of his patients are women seeking a mastectomy for reconstruction surgery, women whose breasts are not naturally flat at birth, and women whose breasts are \"destroyed\" after surgerypregnancy.
\"My patients are rarely the charismatic models we see in the media,\" Mallucci said . \".
\"I told them to look for someone if they said they wanted to be like Jordan.
Very extreme enhancements such as Katie Price, Pamela Anderson, and charismatic model Judy Marsh (
Who made a \"double recently? G cup\" boost)
Can destroy the human body and lead patients to further corrective surgery on difficult roads.
Large implants cause sagging over time, and they stretch the skin and squeeze the breast tissue.
Women with them will definitely need more surgery over time, which in turn will cause more scars.
\"Although Mallucci claims that most women have not had implant surgery for vanity reasons, the message from celebrity magazines is, for women who are not happy with the B cup and want to get double D or more promotion, boob op is the answer.
First of all, I am against this kind of vanity and neoliberal show-off.
I have no problem with the woman who does a mastectomy.
Or women whose breasts do not often develop during puberty.
I have a question that consumers can accept to treat their new breasts like they do with a new handbag.
If further proof is needed, this dangerous casual attitude towards potentially life-threatening surgery is a massive ad on the back of smooth magazine and on the platform --
Side Ads on London Metro
Companies such as Transform and Harley Medical Group say buying fake breasts is a consumer choice, comparable to buying a new car or sofa, payingby-
Plan to start the installment price.
So I took the courage from Tony Parsons and his \"fear of fake breasts.
If there are also all the other elements outside that men oppose the erotic culture, it seems that these elements have invaded and penetrated into our daily life and beauty preferences (
Orange skin, Hollywood bikini wax and bleach
Blonde extensions. . . )
But women also need to stop pursuing false silhouettes.
Perhaps my biggest concern about the rise of fake breasts in Western culture is that, like Botox and facial surgery, it tries to deceive aging and death itself.
Women want new breasts for a variety of reasons, but those in their 30 s and 40 s enhance their breasts because of a slight sagging of their breasts, trying to turn back time.
Of course, just like facial wrinkles, we need to learn to love the slight flaws that come with aging.
These are signs of our physical travel, work, and emotional experiences, not the scars or disfigurement that should be erased.
If Parsons is a typical example, men are not as picky about our bodies as women think.
While the recognition of men is the last reason women avoid cosmetic surgery, we need to start loving ourselves a little more and stop worshiping dumb --
Celebrity who ruined his chest in the name of vanity.
Girls, love everything you have!
Don\'t give in to the knife!
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