Double color silicone products extension

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
For the traditional manufacturing industry the production of silicone products is a complex process, a regular silicone products factory production from raw material to finished product shipments, are in need of some process, in the silica gel products production, stamps silicone products is a common process, mostly in the form of sulfide hydraulic forming, the moulded products more onefold, appearance is not high, especially some logo product requirements or some logo, is double color molding, also can saying is color matching forming, two kinds of color to the one above. Such as the company's sales high double color silicone tube, double color silicone tube is double die head double die extrusion, begin from preparation and silicone tube has the very big difference, please do not send two colors in the process of preparation of raw materials mixing together or extrusion is irregular double color silicone tube, the first horizontal machine the die head will be removed and the other A horizontal machine stitching will die of the discharging mouth stitching to B die mold the loading port ( Note A silicone tube extrusion materials as A color, extrusion die head is given priority to the die B B color) As A die in B mold mouth push A color raw material, the color in the push, the die head B B so the two kinds of color in A mold mouth out, at this time will double die head according to equivalent pushed to the speed of mold, the mold is in accordance with customer design and do double color silicone tube can be divided into internal model and external mold, two two colors extrusion without mutual interference complement this achievement can make double color silicone tube. Of course with the diligence process at present also has a silicone rubber double color one-piece extruder grave. Double color silicone products now each application gradually on the rise, digital accessories, from daily life to have been involved, double color silicone products relatively than a molding silicone products on production difficulty is a little difficult. Can generally according to the product quantity, different process, if just proofing, and small size is the product, then can be done through a set of mould can, on the other hand, the need to produce large quantities of silicone products, mould need at least two sets, and so on, three color or four color need mould quantity more and more, but the color is not the more the better, is not how many kinds of color can all be die out, if you need to do more than 5 colors, generally need to use glue process. From foshan rubber products co. , LTD. 10 years since its establishment, the approach from the product raw material to the finished products, we are absolutely confident that the product quality level, technology level, the level of productivity on strictly, guarantee the interests of the customer to let customers at ease, products are exported to overseas market has a good reputation, the main products include silicone tube, silicone game handle set, silicone kitchenware, adult supplies series, series of liquid silicone, IPhone silicone case, silicone goggles, silicone swimming cap, pacifier, silicone strap, silicone ring, silicone cup mat, silicone mat, silicone insulated gloves and so on silicon lunch box sealing ring, silicone lunch box, silicone tableware, silicone tableware mat, silicone bowl, cup silicone, silicone insurance lunch box, silicone spoon, silicone rubber tube. Foam silicone. Hardware package silicone rubber. All kinds of bluetooth stereo silicone sets. The LED waterproof silicone ring. Welcome to the information
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