diversified brands adds premium line of silicone sealants.

by:Keyuan     2020-06-04
Diversified brand, business unit of Sherwin-
Williams has added industrial RTV silicone sealant products to its professional caulking and sealant in its White Lightning series.
Included in this range of products are high quality 100% RTV silicone rubber sealant and 100% RTV silicone high temperature Red and contractor RTV silicone sealant.
White Lightning 100% RTV silicone rubber sealant provides a waterproof seal with a highly flexible formula that does not break, break or shrink.
It provides excellent non-adhesion
According to the company, the porous materials in the internal and external projects are resistant to moisture and mildew and meet andis standards.
100% of RTV silicon material at all-
Recipe for kitchen and bathroom, windows and doors.
Designed in-85[degrees]
F to more than 500 [degrees]
Under F conditions, White Lightning high quality 100% silicone high temperature Red is kept uniform and flexible in a wide temperature range.
Able to withstand 600 [degrees]
F temperature is intermittent and has excellent performance and adhesion in extreme environments. Thenon-sagging, non-
The collapse formula provides a consistent coverage for both overhead and vertical surfaces and does not break, break or shrink.
The contractor RTV silicone sealant is made of 100% silicone, providing a flexible water-tight seal and minimal shrinkage.
It is designed for internal and external applications with clear, black and white recipes.
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