Disinfection - silica gel bottles Silica gel bottles can be boiled

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Disinfection - silica gel bottles Silica gel bottles can boil it silicone bottle disinfection suggested that the cap and the color ring, with boiling water heating, bottles and nipples can boil, steam, don't touch the pot wall when disinfection disinfection pan boil pacifier, bottle grey PPSU, in order to avoid deformation or taste, only cook for 3 minutes. The nipple and bottle for medical grade silicone, resistance to high temperature of 450 degrees, bottle ash of PPSU heat of 200 degrees, cap ring is 120 degrees high temperature resistant silicone bottle disinfection, can be put into the boiling water or microwave disinfection, won't cause deformation. More resistant to high temperature silicone bottle than ordinary plastic, disinfection there will be no problem for a long time. Silica gel bottles of the main things to remember is that disinfected once a week. Silica gel bottles in about 200 degrees of boiling water or with resistance to high temperature sterilization pot, can guarantee the disinfection. Disinfection about 10 minutes. If you use the microwave sterilization, the setting time for 3 to 5 minutes. The benefits of silicone bottle silicone bottle from liquid silicone ( LSR) And do not contain bisphenol A, don't break. The silica gel bottle has good transparency, tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance, heat aging resistance and weatherability. At the same time, moderate viscosity, easy to operate. The most important thing is, if the silicone bottle is made of high quality silicone, it does not have any effect to the health of the baby. Silicone bottle has the characteristics of lightweight plastic bottles, and also has the security and health characteristics of glass bottle, is a relatively perfect bottle. Gently squeeze the bottle, the amount of food will flow into the soft spoon. Bottle can also be used in microwave oven. Therefore, organic silicon bottles are safe and durable. But mothers when choosing silica gel bottles must be careful not to buy bad products, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the health of the baby. Recommend related products high temperature resistant silicone tube foaming silica gel plate foaming silicone tube of high temperature resistant silicone plate foaming silica gel
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