Disinfection of silica gel bottles

by:Keyuan     2020-08-25
Iron cap and color ring, blanching, bottles and pacifiers can be boiled, steam, disinfection disinfection. The nipple and bottle boil bottle gray PPSU place don't run into the pot wall, in order to avoid deformation or flavor, cook for 3 minutes. The nipple and bottle is medical grade silicone, resistant to high temperature of 450 degrees, bottle gray is PPSU high temperature 200 degrees, bottle cap ring are resistant to high temperature of 120 degrees. Silicone bottle disinfection, can be put in boiling water or in the microwave disinfection, will not lead to deformation. Silica gel bottles than ordinary plastic bottle heat, long disinfection there will be no problem. Main remember disinfected once a week is enough. The silicone bottle high temperature at 200 degrees, cooked in boiling water or disinfect with disinfection pan can be assured. Time in about 10 minutes. If you use the microwave sterilization, should set a time for 3 - 5 minutes.
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