Discuss the silicone strap to the development of the past and present

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Band I think everyone not unfamiliar, just as its name implies is to use in our material, the above main watch wearing band material is numerous, the synthesis of silicone rubber materials for rubber. Silicone band I think everyone not unfamiliar, but what if it is fine to talk about the kinds of silicone is very much, also is a kind of silicone material silicone strap material, and the types of silicone raw materials are broken a lot of kinds, is a very large types of raw materials. Since the advent of the silicone watches with very hot, but as a period of hot drop slowly, in the past we common silicone strap is often use normal silica gel is made, in the design of the domestic in the past, all sorts of design is single, not material, especially on the user experience, long-term problems reflect the quality of the silicone band, with black spots and so on phenomena in products, and the material of the silicone than ever before to, material performance are good, the silicone material development for years without big changes, then the problem was the main problems in the silicone products manufacturer, from the previous supplier, or, technology level above differ quite a bit, but for now, and compared to abroad, still can have certain advantages. Before a lot of manufacturers to produce the main for the product, not much for technical level of ascension, the production process of silicone band didn't make too much design, monotonous, there is only one color, traditional band shape, let users do not have too much experience. With the change of the band watch the competition of various materials, also didn't just come out of time so hot, and all kinds of band is also very hot, we are common on the market of leather strap, PVC and so on, until now, and with the emergence of a few years ago electronic watches, silica gel products stand out from the industry, become the darling of The Times, the emergence of electronic watches silicone accessories are also constantly changing, from past monochrome to double color, three color, screen printing, LOGO, etc. , and the design of the mould is also in constant change, all kinds of delicate and beautiful strap also appear on the market, to market now silicone strap let's dazzling, don't know how to choose. ( 文章/ jiankangcaiyouweilai_1。 html)
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