Dimensional analysis of silicone rubber products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone rubber products, has been applied to many areas, big to military war materials, small to baby supplies silicone nipple. Are all categories of silicone rubber products, processing technology and the same, the following is the silicon rubber in detail. Silicone rubber products process complex: from the hardness of silicone rubber products, 0 ° - can do - 90 °, is to adopt different machines and process, and then take 0 ° silicone rubber products, products 0 ° and 30 ° is not done in a process, the former belongs to the process liquid, liquid hydraulic press perfusion. The latter belongs to the solid state processing. Silicone rubber products from, the purpose of the product selection is also different, generally most of the maternal and infant products is made of liquid forming, such as silicone pacifiers, although many manufacturers use the pacifier solid state can also produce, but from the point of the texture and appearance, there is a big difference, in silicone pacifiers or liquid process shaping or other silicone products, is to be sent a piece on the softness. With 80 ° and 90 ° of silica gel is within, there is a big difference between the former need to pass special custom on raw materials. The production of silicone rubber products, but also in the process of production of silicone rubber products will encounter a lot of bad operation because of the industrial technology limited. Product raw material is too hard, it is easy to fracture and broken, if is a product of production organization is difficult and is not recommended, the production cost is larger, and the waste of excess. Silicone rubber products raw materials of environmental protection: either zero or the toughest ninety degrees, silica gel is a kind of natural green raw material processing and become, I domestic silicone rubber raw materials mainly concentrated in the remote areas such as yunnan. It is this subtropical climate to grow plants, is very popular in European and American countries, so the production of silicone products is well-deserved.
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