Different silica gel products, a two-component mold silicone rubber

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Silica gel products all kinds of materials, in addition to blending vulcanization silicone is also widely used on glue craft, two-component condensed type RTV mold silicone rubber is one of the more common room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, the rubber is usually hydroxyl polysiloxane, sealing side to cooperate with other agent, catalyst of rubber material, the combination of the viscosity of the rubber can be from 100 mile between one million mm stoke stoke. Shunt drip and half flowed sex two kinds, can be used for potting and coating. Products can achieve high transparent state. A type, product use two-component condensation RTV mold silicone rubber vulcanization time mainly depends on the type and dosage of catalyst and temperature. To achieve cured at room temperature need a day or so, but under the temperature of 150 ℃ need only 1 hour. In a 65 ~ 250 ℃ temperature range keep elasticity for a long time, and it has excellent electrical performance and chemical stability, water aging, ozone resistance, resistance to climate, combined with the usage is simple, technology applicability, therefore, widely used for sealing and moulding material. All kinds of electronic and electrical components with room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber coating, potting, can rise to moisture, anti-corrosion, shock protection, etc. Can improve the performance and stability parameters. Two-component RTV silicone rubber is suitable for deep do potting material with fast curing time, this is better than that of single component RTV silicone rubber products. After bicomponent RTV silicone rubber vulcanization with excellent can prevent stickiness, plus the curing shrinkage of small, therefore, suitable for used to make soft mould, used for casting of epoxy resin, polyester resin, polystyrene, polyurethane, vinyl, paraffin wax, such as the low melting point alloy die. Two, use method 1, this product is divided into AB two components, which are divided into group A white waxy, group B is divided into liquid curing agent. When in use, will first two components in a 20 - AB Spake ( Mass ratio) In proportion, stir well, can use; 2, glued surfaces should be kept clean and no pollution, thus ensuring silicone rubber and the product surface has good bonding; 3, in use process, stir into the air, causing internal contain bubbles, if need be, can be in a sealed container for vacuum deaeration; 4, when party a and party b two components mixture, given its operating period, as far as possible in 20 minutes with finish; 5, the mixture is coated on the surface material, can be used for 24 hours after being its solidified completely;
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