Different rubber materials determines the different product performance

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
There are large Numbers of customers in the rubber material selection is in doubt, just know what is your product performance requirements. Actually different rubber materials determines the different product performance, also determines your rubber products of the selected material. Usually, the rubber material is one of the biggest characteristics of high resistance, so the rubber is better insulation materials, commonly used to make all kinds of electric insulation products, rubber is an insulator in direct current field. On the other hand, the rubber material in the alternating power plant, because of the large molecules bound on lotus electrical charge or impurities mixed with yi is polarized, alternating according to power plant. The displacement current generated by polarization. And by the degree of polarization charge displacement relative quantity, namely the size of the displacement current, decided to the size of the conductance. ( Insulated silicone casing) As rubber insulation materials, is the most appropriate, butyl rubber, unfavorable polarity rubber manufacturing electrical insulating products. But, fluorine rubber, NBR and PVC, and has been used as heat resistant, flame retardant, electrical insulation rubber oil resistant. Vulcanization system impact on the performance significantly, natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber and other general rubber, of sulfur curing system on the network structure of the vulcanizates containing different types of crosslinking key can make the vulcanizates produce different dipole distance. So the sulfur dosage has important influence to the electrical, all kinds of electrical change with sulfur dosage to the maximum. But when sulfur dosage is too large, heat resistance and water resistance. Butyl rubber electrical insulation is the representative of vulcanization system bin kui vulcanization system and sulphur - Accelerator vulcanization system. The best choice of sulfur - Promoter system. ( Recommended reading: rubber crosslinking type and main vulcanizing system performance characteristics) EPDM rubber electrical insulating products can use peroxide vulcanizing, join TAIC, such as vulcanizing agent can prevent the vulcanization against the original and improve performance. Carbon black can choose n88o or N990, light color filler such as talc, calcium carbonate, clay and so on by silane coupling agent treatment. Can improve the electrical insulating properties of vulcanizates. Softener should choose the larger molecular weight polyester compounds effect is better. Related articles: silica gel material properties of electromagnetic shielding silicone rubber material compared with the traditional materials, a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of LSR liquid silicone material
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